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Pre-Black Friday Sale! With Free Shipping

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RX Glove

Great glove, looks new after a season of use. Warm, supple and bomber. I just ordered the RX3 for stupid cold days.


Great price and customer service. I've bought 2 pairs of RX gloves and one pair of RX mittens for my teenage daughter.The gloves slide on easily, keep my hands pretty warm and are comfortable. After 2 years, they are starting to show a bit of wear from holding and carrying skis, but it is where the material is doubled on the inside of the hand.

Ski Mittens

These are the best ski mitts I ever owned! I do not ever get cold fingers anymore.

Very good products !

Gloves are very very warm and seems indestructibles. With the leather treatment they are soft. After 1 ski season they still like new.

Some of the best gloves out there!!!! thanks so much for offering the employee deals!!

Free the Powder Gloves and Mittens

Love these Gloves and Mittens! I have a pair now for two years. As a ski instructor and patroller they been through all kinds of wx. We've bought a pair for everyone in our family.

RX Glove

The RX gloves are the warmest and most comfortable gloves I have owned. They are still in excellent shape and showing little wear after two seasons. I bought the RX mittens last spring for the really cold days and look forward to putting them to work this winter. I recommend these gloves to all my friends.

Powder Pig I am

Powder Products keep me happy - and the gloves keep my fingers from freezing off.

great gloves!

I've used these gloves as my main gloves for 2 ski seasons now. I mainly ski at Tahoe and these gloves are perfect for weather between 20 to 50 degrees. Outside this range, the gloves are either too cold or too warm. Fortunately, that is exactly where the weather in Tahoe usually hovers. They also have been surprisingly good at keeping my hands dry even though I didn't use the waterproof balm.

excellent value, great feel and performance

Alta Skier

At Alta I met 2 people with FTP gloves. They let my try them on and I was impressed. I ordered the RX Mittens in the morning and they were at my Apartment in Sandy, Utah the next afternoon. I have been very happy. I then purchased the SX gloves for warmer days. Finally, I purchased pair of RX gloves from the Outlet. The RX (over the cuff) gloves work better with my ski jacket. Obviously, I am a happy purchaser and recommend these mittens and gloves.

Great gloves

I have 5 different pairs of FTP gloves every pair of awesome

Superior Construction

I wear these mittens every day as a ski instructor and find the quality of construction is unsurpassed even by others at a higher price. They wear well and keep my hands comfortable all day. I recommend them to everyone and find that many of my co workers have come on board. I can't praise these enough, they are just a superior product.

Excellent Gloves!

After my previously trusted brand stopped making ski gloves, I decided to try a pair of Free the Powder gloves, and I couldn't be happier with that decision. One look, and the quality and attention to detail is apparent. In fact, my initial thoughts were that these gloves might actually be too warm. On a balmy end of the season spring day, maybe. But for the rest of the last 2 seasons now, my hands have thanked me for them. And thank you FTP!

Nice gloves; excellent customer service

The FTP gloves are warm and work well; the only slight knock is that they run a bit small. I had a problem with the stitching at one seam and contacted FTP. They insisted on replacing the pair (rather than repairing the faulty glove) and the new pair arrived promptly. A first-rate company with a good product and I won't hesitate to do business with them in the future.

Great Gloves at a Great Price

These gloves are great. Better than the big name brands and less expensive even with the NSP discount.

Free the Powder Products

Love these gloves

I’ve bought a couple different pairs of gloves and mittens now from FTP. I really love the removable liner type. My hands sweat a lot! So I can remove the liners during lunch break and it’s like putting on a fresh pair for the afternoon. Or I just wear the leather shells on warmer days. Just great.

simply the best

I use them, my wife uses them and I have given them as gifts to friends.

Great gloves

I have some gauntlet RX from the first run, and some short cuff / removable liner SX from the 2d or 3d year run. Fantastic gloves for the money. Supple, grippy leather and really good dexterity. The amount of insulation feels a little excessive when they're new, but after several full days of use it compresses to give a perfect feel. As with any good leather glove, you need keep the leather conditioned, and FTP can provide you with that stuff too.

I've also got some of their MTB gloves. They're good, no bagginess or bunching anywhere, but not quite as close/accurate fitting as a Troy Lee Designs glove, for example. Plenty breathable for hot days.

RX Glove Purchase

Purchased the RX glove last fall (on the advice of a friend) and used it over the last ski season. Very versatile glove for multiple conditions, and fantastic quality for such an affordable price (even with CAD exchange rate). Free The Pow support was awesome to help with the shipping options, and answer questions.

Very happy with my purchase and will shop again!
Ottawa, Canada

Great value for a really good glove.

Good Gloves and Mittens

I have a pair of the gloves and mittens. High quality and warm. Purchase their leather sealant and put on. Nice looking gloves too


I bought a pair last spring. I only used them once, a little too warm for spring skiing. Looking forward to using them this winter. They appear to be well made. I had a sizing issue and customer service was helpful and friendly. Overall I am very pleased with my gloves . I would highly recommend them!

Great Gloves

I love these gloves. I have two pairs of mountain bike gloves. Ones with pads and the other with out. They last and work great. I have two pairs of the ski gloves. One pair with short gauntlet and one with the longer. Both very waterproof out of the box and they are so warm. I love them. Plus they last. Keep up the good work.

Size Guide

Unisex sizing. Free the Powder Gloves
have a fairly standard initial fit, but our
gloves are made with all-stretchable
materials so they break-in and conform
to your hand like no other ski glove. 

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