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Best mittens I’ve ever worn. Had them about 4 seasons now and no sign of any real wear beyond normal. My hands stay warm and dry not sweaty and clammy Also got a pair of the lighter gloves for spring days. Really comfortable.

Fantastic gloves at a great price!

I can't get enough of my Free the Powder gloves. They're as nice, warm, durable, and luxurious as gloves four times the price, and you should buy them NOW. Do not wait!

Super warm

I have the rx gloves and the race al gloves and they performed great in 8 degree weather in northern michigan. Great gloves at a great price BUY A PAIR

Best Gloves I Own

My RX gloves are warmer than a comparative glove from a competitor and half the price. Need I say more??

Love these babies!

Everything about these gloves is right! Hard to believe there is a glove of this quality at this price.

Well worth the price of admission

As a tourist skier, my first gloves were getting pretty tattered after 5 seasons. I'd always lusted after high-end gloves, but couldn't justify the cost since they only get used a few days a year. Last season I started shopping, and happened across FTP. After a few weeks of debate, I pulled the trigger, and man I'm glad I did! They're fantastic, and are the piece of gear I'm most excited to use next season. I expect they'll last me many, many more seasons to come, which makes them a great value.

Keeps the hands nice and toasty

Bought a pair of mitts for my daughter. They are warm, easy to get on and cover the jacket cuff nicely.

Excellent Product!

After deciding it was finally time to drop some $$ to keep my hands warm for a ski trip to Vermont during an especially cold spell, I stumbled upon the FTP website and ski gloves. I was just about ready to overspend on another brand of pricey and likely overhyped gloves. The price of the FTP gloves was so reasonable I thought there was no way I could really go wrong and if they were as warm as some of the reviews said I would have hit the lottery. I decided to try the RX glove since I prefer that style but also picked up a pair of the spring gloves for warmer conditions. During my trip the temp was well below 0 and my hands stayed toasty warm and dry!!! I couldn't be more pleased with the gloves and am thrilled I stumbled upon such a great company and product!

Long cuff mitts

Yes I’d buy another pair...should these wear out!
Thanks for a great product!

Professional Ski Patroller

So far has held up to the demands of a pro ski patroller in Colorado. Recommended for days 15 degrees or colder, hands get too warm for anything above.

Finally Warm

After years of cold fingers in expensive gloves, my Free the Powder mittens kept my fingers warm, but not sweaty. Marvelous!

Great Glove

Great Glove. I purchased this glove because a friend told me it was the warmest glove he had ever used. Since I am getting older I have tended to get cold faster. I am a Ski Patroller of 39 years and am always on the snow. I needed warm hands.
I purchased the RX Pro. I am ordering the SX Pro this season for the shorter cuff.

FTP Gloves

I love the FTP gloves. I've had a few pairs, but haven't tried the newest version with the liners. I'm hoping they will be just as good as the old ones.

Great pair of winter sports gloves

These gloves are the best I've ever had. They keep my hands warm and dry. I really like the removable liner, a feature I haven't seen on other gloves. I remove the liner after each day of riding on the slopes and hang to dry, by the next morning the liner is dry and ready for another day. The liner is not damp from snow, but sweat from my hands.

Great product. Warmest mittens I have ever had

Great glove

Warm Water proof (with proper care/maintenance) durable. Flexible

Great Gloves

Love these gloves! Quality material at a great price. Highly recommend!

Great Gloves...Great Value

I used my RX gloves all year last year and they are awesome! Even on cold days my hands didn’t get cold. These will last for years! Loved my first pair so much that I bought spring gloves. Only complaint is spring gloves run a bit small.

Warmest Mittens Ever

Have worn them on windy sub-zero days at Stowe and my hands were toasty warm all day. Great quality and incredible performance.

First Chair gloves

When the temps went low last winter, my go to gloves were First Chair. Solid construction coupled with good looks were secondary to their warmth. Way better than gloves that cost twice as much. Thanks FTP!

Best Gloves I've ever owned .

4 friends also bought the First Chair gloves . Every one is really happy and the price point is unbeatable

Nice & warm for New England winters

I found these mittens to be much better than others I have tried at this price point.

Great gloves!

Great gloves for a great price:
I use the sx glove, sx mitt and spring BC glove. On the mountain sx glove & Mitt for really cold days.
My favorite is the BC spring glove. For around town, on the mountain and especially snowmobiling!

Great value

These gloves are well designed, well made and the price is fantastic

Quality and value

Great gloves with very high quality and great value.

Size Guide

Unisex sizing. Free the Powder Gloves
have a fairly standard initial fit, but our
gloves are made with all-stretchable
materials so they break-in and conform
to your hand like no other ski glove. 

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