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Our whole concept at Free the Powder Gloves is a better priced ski glove for serious skiers, like ski patrollers. Our design concept was maximum dexterity, grip and toughness without sacrificing warmth for backcountry skiers and ski patrollers. But we have even better deals for ski patrollers: Send us an email with a photo of your employee pass and we will send you a discount code (for non-sale items). 

In all of my conversation with countless ski patrollers, the one perspective that everyone mentioned was that cheap mountain work gloves don't keep their hands warm and expensive, warm gloves just fall apart too fast to justify the expense. So, I set out to fix that problem. There is no need to spend much money on a mountain work glove when the temps are above 30 degrees. We at Free the Powder Gloves are honest in this regard: just go buy insulated work gloves at Walmart or Home Depot, but when it gets cold, you need something better, but still affordable.

Check out our page and product description for our mountain work/ski gloves here.

Size Guide

Unisex sizing. Free the Powder Gloves
have a fairly standard initial fit, but our
gloves are made with all-stretchable
materials so they break-in and conform
to your hand like no other ski glove. 

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