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From Powder Magazine Gear Buyer's Guide:

HIGH FIVE- This year's best gloves #3. "Free the Powder, a new company based in Park City, Utah, aims to produce the toughest, most skier-friendly, and affordable leather glove on the market."

Free the Powder® makes the most affordable, toughest, warmest, and driest snowboarding gloves with the best GRIP and DEXTERITY for snowboarding. Love your paws with our plush gloves and mittens made from premium grain natural cowhide with Kevlar® under the palm, water-proof and highly breathable softshell material, super-soft fleece lining, and insulated with 200 grams Breathefil™ with 3M Thinsulate™.


-Super tough, incredibly grippy, and very soft premium grain cowhide leather palms with Kevlar® and a leather re-enforcement patch that protects all of the high wear areas of the palm. Most leather-palmed snowboarding gloves are made of the much thinner goatskin, but not ours. We put 1-2 mm tough leather on top of tough leather. 

DuPont™ and KEVLAR® are registered trademarks of E.I. Du Pont de Nemours and Company.

-Our premium grain leather is all-natural. It is tanned and treated for maximum softness and grip, and waterproofed with our special mixture of natural fatliquors. We do not use silicone-based waterproofing like most other glove makers and after-market waterproofing products because they make the leather slippery smooth, degrading the grip of the leather. 

-Waterproof and HIGHLY breathable softshell nylon. Our softshell material is a woven polyester fabric that is strong. highly durable, very quick drying, and most importantly, much more breathable than the hardshell nylon used on most ski gloves. Always choose breathable nylon fabrics for the back of the hand. Leather is a big no-no where your hand needs to breathe.

-Lined with super-soft fleece and insulated with 200 grams Breathefil™, our proprietary blend of insulation with 3M Thinsulate. Breathefil™ is a special blend of synthetic fibers that maximizes breathability without losing warmth.

-Soft nose-wipe material on the back of the thumb to wipe your nose and face.

-The Free the Powder "Thurman the Ermine" Logo. A cute, playful creature that's a vicious carnivore, just like a powder skier/rider. 

-We offer a Long-Cuff Glove, a Short-Cuff Glove and Long-Cuff Mittens for snowboarding. These are available with removable or sewn-in liners.

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