Snowboarding Gloves & Mittens

snowboarding gloves

At Free the Powder we design all our snowboarding gloves and mittens to be exceptionally warm and durable without compromising dexterity. Our newest collection share the same basic design traits:

  • Use of premium, soft cowhide leather, waterproofed with our special mixture of fatliqours.
  • Use of 200 - 300 grams Breathefil, our own proprietary insulation that maximizes breathability and minimizes hand sweating -the prime cause of cold hands.
  • Use of highly breathable and water-resistant shell materials.
  • Reinforcements on the palm and throughout the gloves.
  • Wrist Glove leashes.
  • Premium quality craftsmanship.
RX Pro snowboarding mitten
RX Pro snowboarding glove
RX3 three-finger snowboarding glove
BC snowboarding glove