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Premium Ski Gloves

Why Free the Powder?

  • Premium Quality

    We use the best quality leather and the most breathable materials in order to make the warmest and toughest ski gloves and mittens.

  • Superior Value

    Why pay a triple digit markup for quality? We sell our premium leather ski gloves direct at lower prices than our competitors.

  • Free Same-Day Shipping

    No one wants to wait for their order to ship. You'll get your gloves and mittens fast! We get your order out to you ASAP.

What makes our ski gloves & mittens the best?

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What people are saying

Best ski gloves. Ever! I have worn every glove from the Spring Glove to the Race AL. As an IFMGA guide, I rely on my gear to be functional, durable, and warm. FTP gloves surpass my expectations even while working with ropes, climbing equipment, and end of the day beers on the terrace! They fit true to size, sport supple, durable leather, with minimal packing out!

Ray Hughes

Amazing glove for a fraction of the price of comparable product. I have been using my gloves now for two winters, the upcoming winter will be my third. They remain the best pair of gloves I have ever owned and they look very nice too. I plan on using these until they wear out and buying another pair soon thereafter.

Rob O

Amazing Gloves. I'm on year 3 of my Free the Powder gloves, and I have nothing but positive things to say about them. The workmanship is top notch and the gloves keep my hands warm even on very cold days. Cannot recommend this brand enough!

Grant Carlton

Best Mittens Ever. All I can say is THANK YOU, Free the Powder, for making a product that keeps my hands warm AND allows me to properly handle my gear. My boyfriend also swears by his gloves for all his backcountry, skiing and snowboard adventures. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Claudia Benitez

Excellent Performance. As one whose hands are always cold on the slopes, both the Free the Powder gloves and mittens keep my hands warm under the coldest New England conditions and were excellent in Colorado last winter. I will ski more this winter knowing that my hands will not get cold. Excellently designed gloves and mittens.

Ron Brumback

Fantastic quality and great service. I have purchased original gloves and the newer mittens with removable liner from FTP and continue to be amazed. The quality of the ski gloves is superb and the customer service is incredible. Make sure to get some leather balm and these gloves will last a lifetime!

Jamie C

I have been a full-time ski instructor for the last dozen years and have patrolled (part-time) in ten of those seasons. In that time, I have actively sought to find and use the best equipment available, and, inparticular, gloves. Bar none, Free the Powder gloves and mittens (I have a pair of each) are both as warm as any I have worn, and are, by far, the most durable of any ski gloves I have worn. In a thought, you won't find a better glove available today.

Howard G

I love my Powder Gloves! I have worn a lot of gloves over the years and these keep my hands warm the best. Gloves mittens leather, I own a pair of each.

Ryan M
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