About Us

We were founded in Park City, Utah in 2013 with the dream of making warmer, tougher, more dexterous ski gloves.

The Free the Powder Glove:

  1. We use soft, supple cowhide leather that is thicker for optimum grip, dexterity, and toughness.
  2. We use all-breathable materials to keep your hands free from sweat. Clammy hands are the prime cause of cold hands and decreased dexterity.
  3. We use thicker liners and more insulation than other glove companies. All of our glove models are “our warmest gloves.” This is also done to anticipate gloves packing out over time. Our gloves stay warmer over their usable life.
  4. We use a distinctly work-glove palm reinforcement patch. This was in the original design for the rigors of backcountry and Ski Patrol use, but its added durability benefits every skier and snowboarder. So we feature it on every model. It is our signature.
  5. We sell our premium ski gloves wholesale direct.

Let Free the Powder help you stay warm.


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