About Us : The story of Free the Powder Gloves


Top quality ski gear is just too expensive.

Chase and Shannon Stewart founded Free the Powder Gloves to do something about that. Their dream was to design and make ski gloves that were better in every way, AND half as expensive.

Having spent his entire life as a ski racer, a backcountry ski bum and climber, Chase set out in 2013 on an extensive research and development odyssey. His goal was to find and test every material and design aspect of ski gloves. But he had an even tougher challenge - figure out how to offer his final product at a much lower price. And that’s where Shannon’s background in manufacturing and customer service came in.

Now with the help of a small team of designers, leatherworkers, and a group of dedicated backcountry skiers and ski patrol, we bring you Free the Powder Gloves.

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