About Us

Free the Powder is a maker of premium ski gloves, founded in 2013 in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah. From the beginning, we’ve been a company that lives untracked. We follow our own path. Everything about us is different: 

  • We design our ski gloves to be warmer, tougher and more dexterous.
  • We make our gloves in limited quantities in a small factory.
  • We sell direct-to-consumer and set our prices based upon what we would want to pay for premium quality ski gloves if we were shopping for ourselves.
  • We're a mail order company that understands the need for speed. When you order from us, your gloves get shipped as fast as we can get them out because that’s what we expect when we order products online for ourselves.
  • We put all of our focus on our customers, because that’s what we expect from companies whose products we buy for ourselves.

Thanks for your consideration,

Chase & Shannon Stewart



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