About Us

Free the Powder is a small, local ski glove brand. We pay homage to the mountains and those who dedicate their lives to finding the untouched places. We offer gloves and mittens to protect you on your journeys. We're committed to keeping the soul of ski culture alive and thriving.

It's our name

Untracked, fresh powder snow is the life force that draws us to the mountains. When you ski it you free it. Free the Powder!

The Ermine

Our logo, the Ermine, is highly adapted to living in very cold, mountainous terrain. They make their dens in the roots of trees and rocky crevices and are often seen "playing" in fresh powder snow.

The cute, furry white animal is also an incredibly vicious carnivore. It is chameleon-like in that its fur color adapts to its environment to make it an even more lethal hunting machine.

Powder skiers are fun loving, cheerful creatures at heart, but downright vicious going for the powder goods. No friends on a powder day, they say. The cute, lovable, cheerful person turns into a dark, ravenous hunter.

The Ermine and the Powder Skier are the same.

Born in the Wasatch, Utah

We were founded in 2013 by Chase & Shannon Stewart with the mission to make warmer, tougher, premium quality ski gloves for the rigors of the backcountry, Ski Patrol or the family ski day.

A life-long backcountry skier and sufferer of perpetually cold hands, Chase sought to find a solution to the conflicting design strategies of warmth and dexterity. With the help of a small team of designers, leather workers, Ski Patrol and ski bums, we found it.