Customer Reviews

Howard G Verified Buyer

You won't find better

I have been a full-time ski instructor for the last dozen years and have patrolled (part-time) in ten of those seasons. In that time, I have actively sought to find and use the best equipment available, and, in particular, gloves. Bar none, Free the Powder gloves and mittens (I have a pair of each) are both as warm as any I have worn, and are, by far, the most durable of any glove I have worn. In a thought, you won't find a better glove available today.


John D Verified Buyer

Real gloves for real skiers!

I volunteer at Snowbird, ski at Alta. 70 ski days a year on average. Standing as a Mountain Host for a few hours is not exactly fun, so having great gloves makes my job a joy. I have to remove/put on my gloves constantly. I listen to other serious skiers as to their favorite gear and Free the Powder wins. Great pricing, excellent construction, lots of choices, excellent fit. You don't see that lonely "one glove in the road home" when you buy this brand, it goes in the bag first and ski days are great thanks to them. The mtn bike gloves work fine too. My kids depend on their gloves to survive hikes like Mt. Shasta, Mt. Superior, the Tushars, Great Basin and working night lifts at Brighton. They insist on Free the Powder for below zero hikes where there is no turning around.


Scott M Verified Buyer


Great gloves at the best pricing. So So Warm!!


Ray H Verified Buyer

Best Ski Gloves. Ever!

I have worn every glove from the Spring Glove to the Race AL. As an IFMGA guide, I rely on my gear to be functional, durable, and warm. FTP gloves surpass my expectations even while working with ropes, climbing equipment, and end of the day beers on the terrace! They fit true to size, sport supple, durable leather, with minimal packing out!


Jerry L Verified Buyer

Great Value

As good as any ski gloves I have ever owned and at half the cost.


   Ed M   Verified Buyer

Unfair to call this a VALUE product

Despite the exceptional pricing that is a cornerstone of the FTP mission statement, this product line evenly compares with "high end" names like Hestra. In fact, winter 17/18, I discovered FTP and purchased 2 pair during 3 month ski patrol training. Several instructor students ( mostly English and Aussie) saw the gloves, and ended up ordering about a dozen directly from FTP. The turnaround to Canada was on the order of less than a week. Everyone adored the product, the design, the comfort and warmth. We had a 10 day streak of -20s. Normally I would have cold finger and thumb tips with any other glove. The FTP was a bit warmer than any other "patrol/work" glove. So far the product has been durable after about 65 days. Let's see how they last into 18/19. Also - note - the replacement liners are affordably priced and ship promptly, just like all FTB service. The return and satisfaction policy is exactly as you would want to be treated. They handle any/all issues immediately. ( I had a sizing error with the 1st pair, my fault. They emailed a shipping return immediately. 2 days later in the USA] new gloves in the mailbox. These are good people, come from ski-patrol background and do it right, exceeding all expectations.


   Anthony G   Verified Buyer

If only I’d known about these gloves before...

I live in Bristol, UK and ski a couple of times a year if I can both afford it and get the time to do it. I’ve always worn mitts (long fingers get cold!) and was looking for a new pair last season. I trawled the web for days but the mitts were either way too expensive (£120+) or mass produced and receiving poor reviews.

Then I happened to find FTP on a web search and within an hour I was placing my order having read all of the reviews, watched the videos and become totally impressed by everything that this company stands for. Values and ethos which are close to my own heart.

It’s all about the gloves though and they absolutely FANTASTIC! Very well made, durable, warm and have a fit which do their job perfectly without encroaching on my grip on the poles. They exceeded all the expectation. I have been so impressed I am going to buy some for my wife and recommend them to anyone who asks about them or is looking for a new pair. They offer exceptional value for money even once I’d paid air freight and import duty.

I really don’t often write reviews but when a company like FTP steps forward then I feel utterly compelled to praise them and their products.

Well done guys, I wish you all the very best and keep doing what you clearly love doing!


   John T   Verified Buyer     

Great Company, Service, & Product

I was very impressed all the way around. I just got into snowboarding for the first time last winter and do not have much experience with proper gear. I found out about Free the Powder gloves from a friend, who typically does a lot of research before choosing products to purchase and/or endorse. After checking them out, the website had a lot of helpful and useful information, but I still had some additional questions, which Shannon was more than happy to answer for me. I ended up purchasing the RX Mittens, and have been thoroughly satisfied with the product. All in all, I believe this is a great company that produces a superior quality product, especially for its price range. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for gloves/mitts.


   Claudia B   Verified Buyer     


All I can say is THANK YOU, Free the Powder, for making a product that keeps my hands warm AND allows me to properly handle my gear.

My boyfriend also swears by his gloves for all his backcountry, skiing and snowboard adventures.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


   Rob O   Verified Buyer     

Amazing glove for a fraction of the price of comparable product

I have been using my gloves now for two winters, the upcoming 18-19 winter will be my third. They remain the best pair of gloves I have ever owned and they look very nice too. I plan on using these until they wear out and buying another pair soon thereafter.


   Norbert C   Verified Buyer                            

You can't go wrong with the FTP glove

I bought this glove as an alternative to the Hestra Alpine Pro Army Leather Heli Ski glove. Although I have the 3 finger Hestra "Claw" the idea of dropping another $145 on gloves wasn't in the cards. So I stumbled upon the Free The Powder site and purchased their equivalent to the Hestra for less than half the price. Used it skiing northern Idaho and British Columbia in their typical 20 degree, windy snowy weather. This glove is every bit the Hestra's equal. The leather is supple once you rub in the supplied softener and the interior is soft and warm as well. My fingers were never cold even when skiing reasonably fast. Interestingly my fingers never got clammy from moisture generated by warmth not having anywhere to go. They were dry and cool, but never cold. This is a great glove, period. That it's half the price of a Hestra is frankly amazing Now, nothing is going to be quite as warm as The Claw but the limitations of the Claw is its lack of flexibility, which can become a bit annoying when inserting hands into pole straps. But, this is unfair for the FTP glove since, the Claw is not a glove. For all around versatility you can't go wrong with the FTP glove. Definitely a recommendation plus.


   Mike C   Verified Buyer             

Awesome Gloves

These things are unbeatable for the Dollar. Once they break in they are simply the best gloves for skiing that I have ever used.


   Paul P  Verified Buyer     

Superior Construction

I wear these mittens every day as a ski instructor and find the quality of construction is unsurpassed even by others at a higher price. They wear well and keep my hands comfortable all day. I recommend them to everyone and find that many of my co workers have come on board. I can't praise these enough, they are just a superior product.


   Elizabeth B   Verified Buyer                                                 

Amazing Mittens!!

These gloves are the real deal. I have a similar pair from the north face and they cost around $125. My FTP ones are not only better and warmer, but At $79, you cant beat the price! Great quality for a great price!


   Grant C   Verified Buyer                               

Amazing Gloves

I'm on year 3 of my Free the Powder gloves, and I have nothing but positive things to say about them. The workmanship is top notch and the gloves keep my hands warm even on very cold days. Cannot recommend this brand enough!


   Jamie C  Verified Buyer                                                

Fantastic quality and great service

I have purchased original gloves and the newer mittens with removable liner from FTP and continue to be amazed. The quality of the gloves is superb and the customer service is incredible. Make sure to get some leather balm and these gloves will last a lifetime!


   Joan B  Verified Buyer          

 Warm and durable for a great price

I bought the mittens because I always have cold hands. I skied 92 days last season and used the gloves up until the spring. They are amazingly warm and really well made, and at a great price.


   Ron B  Verified Buyer          

Excellent Performance

As one whose hands are always cold on the slopes, both the Free the Powder gloves and mittens keep my hands warm under the coldest New England conditions and were excellent in Colorado last winter. I will ski more this winter knowing that my hands will not get cold. Excellently designed gloves and mittens.


   David F  Verified Buyer          

What a great price / performer

I needed to replace my Hestra gloves. I talked to some locals on a chair at Canyon about their Free the Powder gloves; they gave me glowing reviews. I went on the web site and bought a pair and could not be happier with them. Free the Powder gloves are as high quality as any you can find on the market and at a fraction of the costs. I recommend them highly.


   Jeff F  Verified Buyer       

Best value out there

As a ski patroller I am very hard on my gear. These gloves have lasted me well over 100 days of use and abuse in some harsh conditions. These are definitely the best value in gloves I have found.


   Kim G  Verified Buyer       

Best gloves at any price

I have a pair of electric gloves that have been nothing but trouble. And cost over 4 times the price of "Free the Powder" gloves. Since I bought my first pair of FTP gloves, they have been sitting my closet, because FTP gloves are warmer than insanely expensive gloves. Don't go outside without them!


   David S  Verified Buyer       


The quality of these gloves far surpasses what I’ve found at much higher price points. I was skiing Mammoth with some friends on a very wet day. Everyone else was cold and miserable. My hands were warm and dry. My son took my pair by lunch. Lucky I had a second pair.


   Scott L  Verified Buyer    

Free The Powder gloves rock!

I switched to using FTP gloves several years ago for ski touring and spltboarding 80-100 days a season which is hard on any glove or mitt. I have been a happy owner of the fixed liner gauntlet ski gloves, RX ski gloves ( removable liner), and the MX mountain biking gloves. All the gloves offer good to excellent dexterity. The fixed liner ski gloves are comfortable in a wide range of temperatures. The RX ski gloves are great on colder stormy days and they are a must on multi-day tours because of the removable liner for quick drying. I find that the durability of the ski gloves is excellent if I apply the FTP leather treatment water-proofer when needed. The MX mountain biking gloves are comfortable and super durable for cross country and all mountain riding. As long as FTP continues to offer quality, comfort, and durability at great prices, I'll keep buying their products.


   Phillip P  Verified Buyer  

Best Gloves Ever

I bought my FTP gloves four years ago and they are still in great shape. I ski over 50 days a year. They are warm and very durable. These are the best gloves I've owned. My next pair of gloves will be FTP.


   Jim R  Verified Buyer                           


I have purchased Free the Powder gloves and mittens for my own use skiing, as well as, purchased gloves/mittens for other members of my family. Free the Powder products are awesome! Great product at value price - with the middle man eliminated.


   Robert L  Verified Buyer      

Great Products! Great Value! Great Customer Service!

I have purchased 'Free The Powder' winter, ski gloves and summer, mountain-biking gloves. I find them totally functional, comfortable, durable and well-designed. And all at a fraction of the price of the products offered by foreign glove companies. I love that FTP is local. One time I needed to exchange a pair of gloves that I purchased in the wrong size. My bad. FTP sent me the new gloves before I had time to return the mis-sized ones! I wear my gloves all the time, and when they do eventually wear-out, I will replace them with new Free The Powder gloves! 5-stars!


   Jeff W  Verified Buyer              

Best gloves yet!

Suddenly, in my old age, my hands are getting cold during dog walks when it's 20 degrees or less. I've tried all kinds of running gloves, but regardless of the brand, frostbite beckoned. So, I stumbled around the Net until I found Free the Powder gloves and I've never looked back.

I even bought a pair from my son who's a cart collector at Meijer and they can stand up to that regular kind of beating, too!


   Scott G  Verified Buyer          

Best Gloves at any price!

Bang for the buck, yeah they are amazing. But i would not trade them for a $300 pair of dextrous designer gloves. The removable liner is an extra nice feature. If your gloves ever do get wet, they dry so much quicker by pulling the liner. And, I have used just the leather shell for spring skiing when I forgot my spring gloves and my hands were getting sweaty. And, small family business that cares and has great customer service!


   Bob J  Verified Buyer                   

Great product - competes with the high end gloves at a fraction of the cost

I have had multiple pairs of these gloves. I bought a new pair last year but still have the original pair that have not worn out yet. I ski about 90 days a year and use these gloves almost every day. I like the high cuff so my jacket goes inside the glove to keep the powder out of the sleeve.


   Bruce K  Verified Buyer   

The Official Glove (and Mitten) of US

Just to be clear, US = our family, not the entire country. But we love Free the Powder. I buy a bunch roughly every year, which is odd because I've never thrown out a pair. Maybe that's a function of having more guests show up each year needing gloves. Did I mention we love them? Warm, comfortable and local. You can't beat that combo.


   Steven P  Verified Buyer   

Great gloves!

I love my gloves. Warm, durable and comfortable. Well priced too!


   Krystal M  Verified Buyer   

Still awesome after years of abuse!

I love my gloves!! They have lasted me years and I work in the ski industry so, I abuse gloves. They are still going strong! Great quality, warm, and I love the style!


   Zack N  Verified Buyer   

Best gloves for the price!

Going on my 3rd season with the same mitts. Had a strap break on one of them and the great people at Free the Powder replaced it for free. I don't see myself ever buying another brand of gloves.


   Brendan L  Verified Buyer   

Amazingly warm

I've had the long cuff RX gloves for two seasons now. Nothing my friends wear can measure up on cold days. I'm talking -15 for the high but the snow is untracked so we put on bibs and get out there. I was the only one without cold hands. I also love supporting someone who's goal is very similar to mine - get as many pow days as possible. I've told all my friends. Get some yourself.


   David D  Verified Buyer   

First time buyer. Highly recommended.

I learned about FTP from ski patrol at Park City. I was in the market for good quality gloves but didn't want to pay hundreds of dollars. I ordered Mittens from FTP. They arrived promptly and are of excellent quality. I look forward to enjoying them for a full season this year. And will easily go back to them for another style. Highly recommended.


   Andreas M  Verified Buyer        

True value for money

I freaking love my gloves. They are thick, warm and durable. The quality of these gloves are mind-blowing, especially when you think of the price. Makes me want to buy some for my girlfriend too and maybe an extra pair for myself.


   Pradeep N  Verified Buyer   

The Really WARM Gloves

I have taken to skiing recently (in the past 4 to 5 years). One of the biggest problems that I have had (besides learning how to ski) was that my fingers would get cold when skiing and then it becomes a very uncomfortable experience. I had tried several things like having hand warmers inside my gloves, adding a liner glove inside my main glove etc, but still it did not help when it got a little cold (like 18 to 32 F). I spoke to a few people and started searching for a solution for this problem. I came across these Free the Powder gloves. I was not really sure how well they would work, but I went ahead and ordered a pair as I wanted to at least give it a try.

I would like to say that I have been very happy with these gloves. They have been successful in keeping my fingers from getting very cold. I also did not have to use the liner gloves when I used these.

I am very happy I made the switch. If you think your hands or fingers are cold, give these a try and you might be surprised at how well they work.


   John W  Verified Buyer   

Great design, materials and build quality.

As good as gloves that cost 50-100% more.


   Todd W  Verified Buyer   

Fantastic Leather Ski Gloves

The fit is perfect, they are very warm and with the great liners, you can wear them when very cold and when mild. A true all season ski glove.


   Brent T  Verified Buyer       

Ski Patroller approved

I have been a volunteer Ski Patroller in California for years. It is the most fun, yet physically challenging job I have ever had. (I worked construction for 15 yrs.) A good pair of gloves will go along way. But these, these are GREAT GLOVES! Even though we had an abbreviated season last year, I have no doubt that these gloves will last at least 3-4 more seasons. They were as durable as I had hoped, for hauling signage, sleds and gear all day. They were as warm as I hoped they would be on those dark early season evenings & mornings, opening & closing the mountain. I loved sitting around at the end of the day, talking gear with the team. I got to brag about the value I found in my FTP gloves. As a matter of fact, I am ordering a pair of Spring gloves...for those warm mushy spring days. These gloves are no doubt, for skiers..made by skiers. THANKS FTP!!


   Buffy P  Verified Buyer     

Best gloves I found...

I have poor circulation to my hands and feet, so they are often cold. I decided to try these gloves (I got the mittens to keep my fingers together) and I am so glad I did. They are definitely the best gloves I have found. My hands were not cold and they are made well. Highly recommend these!!


   Abigail M  Verified Buyer   

Best gloves ever

These are the best gloves ever! Great price for value.


   Stephanie J  Verified Buyer     

Awesome gloves!

My fingers used to get really cold up on the mountain until I bought these mittens. I sometimes have to take them off for a second cause they get so warm. The leather palm is holding up great after 2 seasons. Really well made!


   Jeffrey M  Verified Buyer   

LOVE my Free the Powder Gloves and Mittens!

I absolutely LOVE both my mittens and gloves from Free the Powder. They are extremely well made, incredibly warm, look great, and are a fraction of the price of comparable gloves. Highly recommended!


   Jeff W  Verified Buyer   

The Best

I get pro deals from other companies, but these are my go to. The best value based on durability, warmth, features, price, and customer service. Stop checking reviews and just get them!


   Scott M  Verified Buyer   


Great gloves at the best pricing. So So Warm!!


   Connor L  Verified Buyer   

Finally Warm

I have bad circulation due to being tall and lanky, most likely I have Raynaud's disease. I have never found a pair of gloves that have kept my hands warm while skiing, and only some pairs of mittens do the job without needing hand warmers or layers. These mittens are one of those pairs. Super warm, to the point where I could even pull out my hands to check my phone and put them back in and keep em warm. I did one full season so far with them, and they are still in great shape. The logo is good, the mittens are warm, look cool, etc. I'm sure there are warmer mittens out there, but these do the job and you probably can't find anything else this good for this price.


   Willian R  Verified Buyer   

Great Value

These gloves are equal to glove that cost 3 times more. I have skied in them on cold windy days and my hands have never come close to being cold. The gloves are of high quality construction and very durable. They should last years under heavy use and a lifetime for the occasional skier.


   Greg P  Verified Buyer   

Just what I was looking for

I had been looking for years for ski gloves that would keep my always-cold hands warmer (and dry) on the slopes. I’m so glad I found these—they’re really warm without being too hot and are really flexible and comfortable, all for a great price.


   Peter R  Verified Buyer   

Great price and Quality!

I have worn the mittens for 3 years now and will be buying another pair this year! Great price and quality! I will probably buy a pair of gloves for when I work outside!


   Sofia T  Verified Buyer   

Raddest gloves around & quality customer service

I bought FTP gloves when I first started working as a ski instructor, and unfortunately my first pair had a manufacturing defect. I let the company know and they immediately sent me a new pair, and they've held up like champs through 3 seasons so far of almost daily winter use. Riding the rope tow, grabbing ski edges and wiping kids noses is kind of a glove destroyer, but these guys have powered through. I love these gloves and for the price and quality can't recommend them enough.


   Simon T  Verified Buyer   

Never had warm hands before

As the title suggests, I've never actually had warm hands while skiing, no matter what gloves I used. I really put these to the test with a trial by fire. The first day I used them, it was -20F at the base of the mountain. While skiing, my hands weren't warm, they were HOT. Consider me a customer for life.


   Dennis I  Verified Buyer   

Best gloves!

High quality, you won't find a warmer glove for anywhere near the price of FTP! Definitely my go to on powder days.


   Roger G  Verified Buyer                        

I guess we are ready for pair #5!

We have bought about 4 pairs of these gloves for various family members and everyone is totally happy. Except Mum who lost her pair to one of her beloved daughters. I guess we are ready for pair #5!

The last pair have been exhaustively tested in NZ (TC) by Aunty Ros and at last report the gloves were performing perfectly.


   James F  Verified Buyer         

Awesome gloves

Probably the best gloves I’ve ever had.


   Corbin G  Verified Buyer       

fraction of the price of the well-known brands

I did a lot of research. these are the best gloves I could find for a fraction of the price of the well-known brands.


   Darren A  Verified Buyer         

So warm

These are the warmest gloves I’ve ever owned. Highly recommend!


   Tracy E  Verified Buyer         

Trend on the Tram

These gloves and mittens have become a trend on Snowbird’s Tram. The quality is great and the price unbeatable. We also love buying a local product.


   Peter B  Verified Buyer         

The Goods

A few seasons ago I bought 4 pair of FTP Mitts for my family, these have been great. Although no glove is perfect, the 4 pair have seen some tough conditions dealt to them and performed well. I like the suppleness and design featues of FTP mitts a lot. The original website explained how and why FTP Gloves and Mitts were made the way they are. This has been lost a little, as this was the selling factor for me. As for performance, they do what they state, a great easy to use breathable mitt that is tough where it needs to be and supple where you want it. I will be another repaeat customer when the mitts we have need replacing. I would suggest that will be in more than 5 years time based on their durability so far.

A big fan of FTP.


   Cliff D  Verified Buyer         

Free the Powder ROCKS

Great prices and great customer service.


   Jennifer C  Verified Buyer         

Best mittens EVER

I have Raynaud Syndrome, so my fingers are incredibly sensitive to cold weather. These mittens are so warm and cozy. I would never, ever ski without therm.


   Damon C  Verified Buyer         

6 and counting

I have purchased 6 pairs of Free the Powder gloves. They fit like a, shall I dare say? A hand in glove. Best glove for the money.


   Brian A  Verified Buyer     

Fantastic gloves and mitts!

Everything on the "What makes Free the Powder Gloves different' web page is absolutely true. Warm, dry, and comfortable. They are our go to glove and mitts for backcountry and resort skiing. They are also durable and long lasting.


   Michael A  Verified Buyer     


I purchased 2 gloves - the short & long cuff versions & the preservative goop. I slathered both gloves w/ the preservative, focusing on complete coverage of seams, & gave them enough time to completely dry (2 days). When I used them, they were, at once, the most comfortable, warm, weather-proof gloves I've ever owned, bar none - and I've been skiing for over 40 years. Simply stated... They are THE BEST. After the season, I re-applied the preservative and stored them for the summer. Used them the next season and they performed flawlessly - flexible, warm & water resistant. Season 3 is upcoming & I just inspected them - no issues whatsoever. One of the best ski equipment investments I ever made. I highly recommend them.


   John G  Verified Buyer         

Awesome Gloves

I purchased both gloves and mittens last season and used them both - excellent product and excellent value!


   Bob L  Verified Buyer     

Excellent Gloves!

After my previously trusted brand stopped making ski gloves, I decided to try a pair of Free the Powder gloves, and I couldn't be happier with that decision. One look, and the quality and attention to detail is apparent. In fact, my initial thoughts were that these gloves might actually be too warm. On a balmy end of the season spring day, maybe. But for the rest of the last 2 seasons now, my hands have thanked me for them. And thank you FTP! 


   Mark F  Verified Buyer        

Great Gloves at a Great Price

These gloves are great. Better than the big name brands and less expensive even with the NSP discount.


   Steve B  Verified Buyer     

Love these gloves

I’ve bought a couple different pairs of gloves and mittens now from FTP. I really love the removable liner type. My hands sweat a lot! So I can remove the liners during lunch break and it’s like putting on a fresh pair for the afternoon. Or I just wear the leather shells on warmer days. Just great.


   Al T  Verified Buyer     

simply the best

I use them, my wife uses them and I have given them as gifts to friends.


   Sean O  Verified Buyer     

Great gloves

I have some gauntlet RX from the first run, and some short cuff / removable liner SX from the 2d or 3d year run. Fantastic gloves for the money. Supple, grippy leather and really good dexterity. The amount of insulation feels a little excessive when they're new, but after several full days of use it compresses to give a perfect feel. As with any good leather glove, you need keep the leather conditioned, and FTP can provide you with that stuff too.

I've also got some of their MTB gloves. They're good, no bagginess or bunching anywhere, but not quite as close/accurate fitting as a Troy Lee Designs glove, for example. Plenty breathable for hot days.


   Tim L  Verified Buyer         

Very happy 

Purchased the RX glove last fall (on the advice of a friend) and used it over the last ski season. Very versatile glove for multiple conditions, and fantastic quality for such an affordable price (even with CAD exchange rate). Free The Pow support was awesome to help with the shipping options, and answer questions.

Very happy with my purchase and will shop again!


    Thomas J  Verified Buyer     

Great Gloves

I love these gloves. I have two pairs of mountain bike gloves. Ones with pads and the other with out. They last and work great. I have two pairs of the ski gloves. One pair with short gauntlet and one with the longer. Both very waterproof out of the box and they are so warm. I love them. Plus they last. Keep up the good work.


   Jim S  Verified Buyer     

Skiing, Mountain Biking and Labradors, Oh My!

I own both winter and MTB gloves from FTP and I'm very satisfied with the quality and durability. The MTB gloves saved my hands numerous times but I couldn't save the gloves from a Lab Puppy so I'm on pair #2!!

Highly recommend for both quality and service!


   Lawrence H  Verified Buyer     

Excellent Gloves

Have hands that can't stand the biting cold. Look no further than these gloves. Bought RX gloves for my 25-yr old son who loves to wear them skiing and now he doesn't need a ski break to warm up his hands.


   Peter H  Verified Buyer     

Great ski gloves!

I’ve bought four pairs of Free the Powder gloves. They are well made and warm.


   Scotty P  Verified Buyer     

Great Gloves, Even Better Price

This will be my third season ordering FTP stuff. This time around I'm getting the mittens and the full finger bike gloves. The mittens are set aside for those epic, long and cold ski days when you should just go home but just can't. The bike gloves are already getting a workout. They are slightly warmer than my lightest summer gloves but way tougher. The leather palm is super solid and comfortable while the mesh back breathes surprisingly well. They have been perfect for hot September days all the way down to some cold 35 degree October mornings. The sizing is comparable to my BD and MH gloves. Keep up the great work FTP!


   Matthew S  Verified Buyer     

Great quality, great fit

I purchased three versions of Free the Powder gloves and have been totally satisfied with all three - biking gloves MXP, the spring ski gloves, and winter RX gloves. The ski gloves were exactly what I was looking for, warmth, breathability, and my hands stay dry. The MXPs are comfortable and have held up well. All this at a fraction of the price of “store bought” competitors. Well done!


   James L  Verified Buyer     

Great Mittens for a Great Price!

My hands were always cold while skiing, so over the years I've spent hundreds of dollars on mittens and gloves. Free the Powder gloves are by far the best, and at a fraction of the price compared to their competitors! The quality is phenomenal, and the materials feel premium.


   Stewart S  Verified Buyer           

Bomber Gloves, great fit.

I've been using the SX gloves (the older model with the fixed liner) as my cold weather, resort glove for several years now, and couldn't be happier. They're toasty warm, surprisingly dexterous given how insulted they are, and are showing zero wear after over 100 days of use. Ordering online was fast and easy.


   Michael T  Verified Buyer     

Superior biking gloves

Best fitting, most comfortable riding, durable gloves for mountain biking.


   Michael G  Verified Buyer     

Great Gloves and Great Customer Service

FTP gloves and mitts are my favorite winter hand wear. Not only is the quality top notch, the prices are excellent, and the customer service is some of the best in the business. Gloves and mitts that cost twice as much have nothing on the FTP gear. I own multiple pairs, and I always promote their wears whenever I can. Give em a try, you won’t regret it!


   Bari L  Verified Buyer       

Exceptional value

Between my wife and I we have a number of pairs of FTP gloves and mittens. My personal favorite is the all leather race glove. All of the FTP fit comfortably, are well made, and perform well under a variety of snow and weather conditions. You definitely get a lot for your money. I used to buy expensive high end gloves from Sweden that cost substantially more than FTP, but no more.


   Luke B  Verified Buyer         

Great gloves, great customer service

Buy FTP to get a great product and support a little company with a mission; making the best ski gloves on the market for less. I have two pair, winter over the cuff and spring. Follow FTP's waxing instructions, to stay dry and warm. Use a small shoe polish brush, not a cloth wrapped around your fingers; unless you are a masochist. @FTP, It has to be Pinkham Notch cold before I opt for the winter pair. An in between glove for those with warm hands would be great. Be inspired by that other company's Coach's glove. Peace, love, and powder...


   Blaine P  Verified Buyer       

Fantastic gloves that don't break the bank.

The only complaint I have is that the the heavier duty ones I bought are sometimes almost too warm. But I have a lighter duty version for those times. Got both of them for what I bought one pair of some other brands (I buy quality). Still going strong after a full season. And FTP are top notch through the buying process...3 or 4 purchases and all shipped fast with great communication.

Looking for quality paws? Try FTP and you'll agree.


   David M  Verified Buyer            

Super comfortable

Super comfortable and stretchy!


   Rob L  Verified Buyer       

We love these gloves.

I purchased a pair for my teenager. He liked them so much, we bought a pair for everyone in our family. Terrific value. Keep it up. 


   Test  Verified Buyer  

Alan Nowlin about Free the Powder Products: Fantastic

I purchased a pair ski gloves and mittens. By far, the best gloves I have ever had.


   Scott S  Verified Buyer  

great gloves at a great price

My kid and I have enjoyed beating up our gloves skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling. He was able to rip out the tips of a couple fingers on his first pair, dragging his hands, and not letting me reseal them very often. Very pleased with the quality and warmth.


   John W  Verified Buyer  

Great gloves - durable

Good looking gloves. Need a little waterproofing on the leather and you are good to go for the season. Warm but not for the coldest days. As good as much more expensive offerings out there.


   Scott O  Verified Buyer  

3 pairs of gloves - all excellent

I have been thoroughly impressed with the quality of the SX ski gloves, RX ski mittens, and MXP mtb gloves. Excellent craftsmanship and prices. FTP has earned a loyal customer, thanks guys!


   Toby H  Verified Buyer  

Fantastic work gloves

Used for Australian season as a volunteer ski patroller. Very happy with them. Will easily last a couple more seasons.


   Alan R  Verified Buyer  

Quality gloves for a fair price.

I really like these gloves for all but the warmest spring days. They are warm, tough and my hands never get wet on the deepest powder days. I always buy gloves with removeable, washable liners to avoid the eventual "hand stink"after 100+ days of use. No issues so far with durability of the outer glove. I foresee many more ski days with these gloves I bought at a better price than many others I have bought of similar quality.


   Larry K  Verified Buyer  

Best Gloves Ever

As a ski patroller I'm exposed to all types of adverse contidtions. For the most part, I've been a mitten fan. When I found out about you guys and read your background I thought what the heck, I'll give you a shot. Great choice and no regrets.

Keep it up.


   Frank S  Verified Buyer  

Warm gloves for cold hands

I bought a pair for myself then the family got a hold of them and bam now they all have a pair mittens for the one with the coldest fingers now stay warm.


   Jamie T  Verified Buyer  

6 pairs

I have a heavy pair and a light pair, the heavy pair I use mainly at the ski area, they work great, keep them snosealed, my fingers are warm and dry. The light pair I use mainly for touring, working in the cold, use them like a borrowed mule, tough as nails, no flank leather in these baby’s. Love the cost (priced right) not above buying hardware store gloves to ski in but these are better. I have also sprinkled a few pairs around for gifts, who doesn’t like a good pair of gloves? Keep up the good work, don’t get complacent living there in the world of glitter!


   Rick L  Verified Buyer  

great gloves

Have 2 seasons on them and Very happy with the gloves, just make sure to continue to condition them and they stay nice and dry. 


   Paul P  Verified Buyer  

Great Gloves/Mittens

If you're searching for great gloves or mittens at a fraction of the cost look no further - these are the real deal. You will not be dissapointed! Great quality, excellent customer service, without paying a fortune for top of the line "Ski Patrol" quality gloves.


   Clayton L Verified Buyer  


best gloves ever


   Gary H  Verified Buyer  

Best Gloves

FTP gloves are the finest quality at more than half the cost! Myself and many friends have been using them for a few years now. Give them a try.


   Peter V  Verified Buyer  

Great gloves

Nothing fancy about these just warm comfortable with. Reasonable amount of dexterity at a fair price.


   Wayne P  Verified Buyer  

The best

Your products, I own several are by far the best value around. I've told several of your other customers about them. Thank you


   Gregory H  Verified Buyer  

Great gloves/mittens !!!

After coming across your link on, I have subsequently purchased 2 sets of gloves and a pair of mittens over the past 2 seasons. As a ski patroller my gear gets used hard.... these gloves have held up remarkably well. Warm, well made and reasonably priced. Not to mention these folks are great to work with ... I have recommended these products to multiple patrollers and other skiers. Keep up the good work !!


   CJ W Verified Buyer  

Great gloves

The gloves are very durable and warm. Highly recommend. 


   Jay B  Verified Buyer  

Great gloves for cold places

Inexpensive but sturdy. Mine (short gloves and gauntlet mittens) have lasted several seasons. If you regularly experience 31 degree snow or 33 degree rain, this is not what they were made for for and they'll wet out. But for everything else these gloves and mittens have great dexterity, are super comfortable, and have the coolest mascot of any company around.


   Dave L  Verified Buyer  

Great Gloves

Love my FTP gloves. I bought a pair for myself and after realizing how warm they are I bought a pair for each of my kids. The gloves have held up great over 2 seasons of 20+ days.


   Randy G  Verified Buyer  


Best gloves I’ve ever had..... love em!!!


   Howard K  Verified Buyer  

Great ski gloves

I bought a pair last winter and my hands were always dry and never cold. They keep the snow from getting under the sleeve on powder days. A very well made ski glove!


   John G  Verified Buyer  

great glove great price

Have been using FTP Gloves and mittens for several seasons now. Gloves always keep my hands warm to right around zero, a thin liner to minus 10 then its time for their mittens, if my hands get cold in mittens its time to go home. Great customer service also.


   Michael J  Verified Buyer  

perfect for poor circulation

I inherited poor circulation in my hands from my mother and a love of skiing from my father. My free the powder mittens make it all work out. I wear them on days when most people are wearing thinner gloves. I wear them on cold days (when other people wear mittens too) but I have a hand warmer in there. Couldn't be happier with them. My teenage daughter inherited both the poor circulation and the skiing too. Her free the powder mittens are great for her too.


   Scott L  Verified Buyer  

these gloves fit great

Purchased the bike gloves this summer. Just as good as the gloves that I have used in the winter. Will purchase more.


   Mark J  Verified Buyer  

Affordable quality

Great quality, fit, and decent price. What else do you want?


   Ralph P  Verified Buyer  

Great Gloves

I teach skiing and these are my go to glove of choice. Warm, tough, comfortable to wear all day.


   Donald P  Verified Buyer  

Great Product

I got 1 pair initially, and really liked them so ordered another pair with the longer cuff, and a pair of spring gloves as well. I met someone with a pair in the Alta lift line who had a stitch let go from a lot of use and still you sent him a new pair.


   Jamie J  Verified Buyer  

Great product - gets the gold star

Great, supple gloves (especially with the love butter). Being a 60+ day'r…. own several pairs between my wife and myself, she loves the mitts (on my wish list as well). Now the ski buddies have even smartened up. Service/questions, even to here in BC Canada, has been outstanding.


   Seth T  Verified Buyer  

Great glove, great price

All good.


   Andrew H  Verified Buyer  

Great Gloves

Fit well, high quality and actually last for multiple seasons!


   Burke   Verified Buyer  

Great Gloves, Warm and Comfortable

Love the gloves, use them 3-4 times a week during the winter. They have held up well, are warm and comfortable and I still have good dexterity in my fingers while wearing them, which isn't always the case with warm gloves.


   Brad H  Verified Buyer  

Best mitten I've ever had

Best mitten I've ever had. Warm, breathable, durable. I love the FTP stuff - I have gloves, mittens, mtb gloves.


   Jeffrey O  Verified Buyer  

2 thumbs up

Love them


   Ben R  Verified Buyer  

Warm Mittens

I previously had problems with cold fingers in some very nice Marmot gloves. I somehow Googled into these Free The Powder mittens and have been very happy with them. They seem to do well with the leather treatment on them to keep water out.


   Guillermo M  Verified Buyer  

Awesome gloves

I used to have to wear under layers for my gloves but with these free the powder ones I don’t need to do that anymore.


   James M  Verified Buyer  

Industrial strength leather ski gloves

I have purchased two sets of these gloves. The first was for me in the second for my wife a couple years later. I have been very pleased. I think they are tough and well worth the price. I would not hesitate to order additional sets.


   Richard P  Verified Buyer  

Love the gloves

My wife and I have a few pair of these gloves. Overall we are very happy with them. Great combination of quality and value.


   Paula P  Verified Buyer  

Great product for skiing in Alps

I already have 3 pairs for the whole family. I had to order it to my friends in the US, as unfortunately it is no available for shipping to EU. I love these gloves.


   Devin G  Verified Buyer  

No more cold hands

These gloves work as advertised. Well priced and work in the roughest conditions.


   Shad W  Verified Buyer  

Quality product, great value

Two seasons later, these gloves are still going strong. Very warm. There may be a better glove out there, but not for this price.


   James Y  Verified Buyer  

Warm and durable

I absolutely love my gloves! My hands stay toasty warm and dry - and even if they get wet outside the gloves, they dry very quickly once they go back in. If I had a single request, it'd be that they made them in children sizes, so my kids would stop complaining about cold hands.


   Paul M  Verified Buyer  

Great gloves and mittens

I bought a pair of gloves 2 winters ago and they are the best. Warm, durable, breathable, and dry quickly. I also have a pair of their mittens but prefer the gloves. I will forever be looking for gloves without the “waterproof membrane.”


   Stephen G  Verified Buyer  

Great gloves

5 star quality. Love these so much I bought mittens and gloves…


   J G  Verified Buyer  

Free The Powder = Best

I have ordered two different kinds of gloves from Free The Powder; SX Glove and the Spring Glove. The SX Glove was so good that I got a second pair for someone else as a gift. The Spring Glove is perfect too. I ski above the tree line in Montana and in northern MN and the gloves have never failed me.

Bottom line... Best.


   Charlie R  Verified Buyer  

Great Gloves

As an instructor you need some hardy, reliable (and warm) gloves. I have two pairs that I’ve had for a couple years each and they are fantastic! Definitely cannot beat the value you get with anything else.


   Thomas K  Verified Buyer  

Gloves, mittens, MTB gloves

All work very well, very good construction, great value.


   Philip L  Verified Buyer  




   Ryan W  Verified Buyer  

Great bike gloves

These are no-nonsense, dependable full-finger cycling gloves. The velcro is durable, the fit remains consistent, and the gloves provide good grip while remaining comfortable.


   Ron L  Verified Buyer  

Best Gloves Ever

Love these gloves, Warm & Flexible.


   Shawn O  Verified Buyer  

Great pair of gloves

I got these gloves on a promotion a couple of years ago and I am very impressed with the quality and warmth of the gloves. I liked the first pair so much that I bought a second pair the following year as a gift for my brother.


   Vincent M  Verified Buyer  

Great mittens!

Love my mittens. Great that the liner is removable for cleaning.


   Dennis M  Verified Buyer  

Warm, durable and reasonable.

Warm, durable and reasonable. I own 3 pairs and friends borrow them when their far more expensive gloves get wet!


   Brian H  Verified Buyer  

Warm and durable

Great craftsmanship. Flexible for a good grip and durable.


   Jason R  Verified Buyer  

great gloves

Love these gloves for cold days. Skied in -30F temps in AK with some cold finger tips at times, but otherwise hands were very warm.


   Ken Z  Verified Buyer  

Great gloves

These gloves will last a lifetime with proper care. Have a pair of Hestras that needed new liners. Free the Powder liners were priced right and now my snowmobile gloves are warm again Thanks for a first class product at a first class price.


   Susan O  Verified Buyer  

Best gloves I've ever owned!

Great gloves at a great value! They are very warm and I have recommended them to my other skiing friends and they also agree with me! Good Stuff!!


   Rob D  Verified Buyer  

Great Gloves, even better price

I would highly recommend these gloves - very soft leather, very warm and extremely durable. I've had them for about 4 seasons and love them. If I ever need another pair of gloves I WILL buy these.


   Nigel N  Verified Buyer  

RX3 Three Finger Glove

I used the RX3 in Japan this year for 14 days super warm with extra long cuff, no other glove comes close to quality and value. Look forward to using them in Japan this coming season keep up the good work.


   Ross L  Verified Buyer  

The best

Best gloves you can buy. Durable, warm, cool looking. Really no downsides. Get em!


   George L  Verified Buyer  

Awesome gloves, awesome price

Love my FTP gloves. In one year of use they outperformed all the other gloves I had purchased prior. Great warmth, breathability and dexterity. Take a little while to break in, but once they do they rival much more expensive gloves for fit and dexterity. In New England the less you have to take of your gloves the warmer your hands stay, and these gloves stay on 90% of the time. Will buy again if these wear out.


   Matt H  Verified Buyer  

Great gloves

I bought these gloves as gift for my husband. He likes how warm and pliable they are and hates using any other gloves!


   Dan W  Verified Buyer  

warm and durable

I have used my gloves for 3 seasons, they are warm and durable! I recommend highly!


   Matt H  Verified Buyer  

Awesome Gloves

First FTP gloves and will definitely be buying only their gloves from now on. Hands always in maximum comfort.


   Clyde W  Verified Buyer  


Best ever.


   Elliot G  Verified Buyer  


great gloves great price.


   Matthew R  Verified Buyer  

Very happy with these.

Ive used these down to -30 C with no issues. They are a little too warm when the temps are milder. Great value and great build quality. I would buy again.


   Steven Cox  Verified Buyer  

These are great gloves

These are great gloves and very well made, they should last for years. I do and have recommend them.


   Carol M  Verified Buyer  


I have both Free the Powder gloves and mittens. They are awesome! I love them!! My hands tend to get cold easily (from years of getting frostbite putting in long hours on the hill in northern New England. With FTP mittens my hands never get cold here in Utah!


   Nicolas V  Verified Buyer  

Love my FTP gloves.

Plan to buy my kids a pair this season. Incredible deal.


   Roberto R  Verified Buyer  

Great Mittens!

I have been using Free the powder for 2 seasons now and they are the best. Super high quality, warm, and a little old school. Love em'!


   Steve M  Verified Buyer  

Real leather great price

These are very nice real leather gloves. Got tired of the gloves that get holes worn in them after half a season. These lasted the whole season and still look new.


   Mark J  Verified Buyer  

Great gloves, great price.

These gloves are good quality at a great price.


   Paula L  Verified Buyer  

Love my gloves!

Great product! Use them daily, when on the mountain. Keep the glove love coming.


   Wayne J  Verified Buyer  

Get them!

Great price, durable, and WARM. Love my Free the Powder mittens. Will happily buy another pair from this company.


   Kathy J  Verified Buyer  

The best

I love these gloves. They are wonderful.


   Claudia F  Verified Buyer  

Best ski gloves ever!

I have had many ski gloves over the years and these are the best by far.

They are super comfortable,i love the removable lining and the leather just gets better with wear. I purchased two linings, because my hands sweat a lot. This

way I have a warm dry pair at lunch. And I love supporting local businesses!


   Todd J  Verified Buyer  

Great gloves and customer support

The first pair were a little tight. I asked a question about sizing and they just sent me a new pair of gloves. I have had them for ~4 years now with no issues.

My gloves are all I need for Utah Wasatch sports. My hands are never get cold.


   Benjamin P  Verified Buyer  

Great gloves at a good price

Solidly built gloves for a lower price than the equivalent from a bigger brand.


   Greg H  Verified Buyer  

Good Value

Excellent glove, recommended by my brother who lives and skis in Utah.

My hands get cold easily, so always looking for the best balance in warmth and flexibility. Like supporting small local company.


   Marc H  Verified Buyer 

Gloves for Each Season

I received the Spring Gloves last year as a gift. I used them for warmer days on the slope. They are the perfect weight for spring skiing. The quality is excellent on these gloves. I decided to buy a pair of SX gloves for the coming season. I haven’t used them yet but the quality looks equally good. I also bought a pair of mountain bike MX gloves which I have used all summer and fall. They are very comfortable and have held up well. Excellent quality gloves for a good price! Get the leather treatment/waterproofer also, it keeps the gloves soft and more water resistant.


   Daniel R  Verified Buyer  

Love Those Gloves

I love those gloves. I bought the factory seconds for like $40 I think it was. Excellent quality & value for the money. They're warm & comfortable. They fit & look great. I use them like 90% of the time unless it's extremely cold when I might use mittens, or extremely warm when I might use spring or bike gloves. The only knock I have is that the Velcro strap and wrist cuff is a little bulky. It's sometimes difficult to get the jacket cuff over the glove, and it's a little short to overlap the glove over the sleeve. With everyday gloves in particular, I like to have the sleeve overlap the glove. With storm shell gloves, I like to have the long glove overlap the sleeve to keep the snow out. So next time, I might consider the longer wristed glove version. But that is a very minor knock. It's more of a personal preference.


   Scott W  Verified Buyer  

Great gloves for the coldest days

I love these gloves! I was so sad when I lost one (like a dummy, I left it on the top of the car as we drove away from Alta), and then so happy when I got a new pair for my birthday.

They run warm in the spring—it would be nice to have a cooler pair of liners for warm, wet weather, but too warm is better than too cold. These gloves stay supple and clean on the cold days. Love.


   Jamie T  Verified Buyer  

Quality ski gloves at a great value!

Ordered 2 pairs of FTP ski gloves for my adult children and they loved them. They said the gloves were great quality and kept their hands dry, warm and comfortable. Highly recommend Free The Powder. A Great Holiday gift!


   Steven C  Verified Buyer  

possibly the BEST

The ski gloves you make are possibly the BEST ones I've ever owned and I bought my first pass to pc back in 1990. I've gone through a lot ski gloves in the last 30 years. These are super durable, have the softest leather palm(curtail detail), warm, everything you could want from a ski glove and more.

The mountain bike gloves are nice but the padding feels a little thin across the heel of my palm and my hands can go a little numb sometimes when I ride. The screen swipe feature on the fingertips is nice but not quite dialed in yet.

Quick story. I was just visiting a friend in Waitsfield Vermont and stopped into the local ski shop. I started talking to the owner Seth? who just happened to be un-boxing ski gloves. He was telling me how good they were and that they were made by Flylow and that I should know about them being a PC guy because they are from UT. I had to set him straight and told him that you guys are making the best stuff coming out of UT hands down.


   Bill W  Verified Buyer  

All around performance

I love the mitts. They are awesome. A fine product and really good value.


   William H  Verified Buyer  

Satisfied west coast customer

Bombproof gloves. Hold up exceptionally well in sub-20 F temps and in heavy and wet snow. Too heavy (for me) for temps above 30 F.


   David J  Verified Buyer  

Awesome Mitts

The mittens from Free The Powder kept my hands warm in -32F conditions at Revelstoke last season. They work well, look great, and are not overpriced. What more do you want?


   Evan S  Verified Buyer  

One season in

With one season on them, these gloves are in good shape. I look forward to watching them weather over the years.


   Sally R  Verified Buyer  

Warm. Well made.

Great value.


   Jeffrey S  Verified Buyer  

Great Gloves

Have 2 hard seasons on a pair of mens leather gloves. Holding up well, not packed out and keeping me warm. No problem with moisture.


   John G  Verified Buyer  

Two pair, one for me and one gifted

I bought a pair of free the powder gloves for me in size XL and a pair of mediums for a friend. The xl gloves were way too small and I had to give them to another friend. Both friends love their gloves. Please make an XXL model.


   Matthew M  Verified Buyer  

Mountain Bike Gloves Shouldn’t Last This Long

I’ve been riding for over 20 years and usually go through 2 pairs of gloves a season. I ride very often and have tried every brand of bike glove out there and they all rip, split and just fall apart after a few months. The Free the Powder gloves I got on a whim are wrapping up their second season and are still in tact. No rips or tears. They’re also comfortable and the leather palms are such a simple are comfortable contact point. If these ever wear out, I’ll be getting another pair.


   Michael W  Verified Buyer  

Great gloves great price

Great price...quality product...


   Matt L  Verified Buyer  

Gloves are great.

Gloves are great. Almost too warm. Price is right. Keep up the good work and karma.


   Kevin N  Verified Buyer  


Love-em. Great gloves at a reasonable price. Bought 2 pairs.


   Elsa S  Verified Buyer  

I love these mittens!

I ski 40 to 80 days each season and have tried lots of gloves and mittens, but these are my favorites. They keep my hands warm enough that I don’t need heaters yet not too warm to wear on a sunny spring day.


   Jon W  Verified Buyer  

Awesome gloves, great value

These are fantastic warm gloves at 1/2 price of what you would pay otherwise. Love the gloves.


   Bryan W  Verified Buyer  

Perfect winter gloves 3 years running (especially when winter is 6 months long)

The short: 1) These gloves keep my hands warm even at the top of mountains on snowy days. 2) The lining is removable, so drying them is a breeze. 3) They have straps, so you can take them on and off quickly while riding the lifts. 4) The quality of the leather and the stitching means they're not going to break anytime soon.


   Heather T  Verified Buyer  

Love the gloves!

Love the gloves! 


   William H  Verified Buyer  

Excellent product

Excellent product. Often too warm for PNW conditions but that's not a complaint. The seams are high quality. Nice high cuff. Great price. Thank you.


   Scott B  Verified Buyer  

awesomest gloves money can buy

awesomest gloves money can buy


   Chris J  Verified Buyer  

Nice, Especially for the Price

I've used these gloves for about two ski seasons now and they perform every bit as well as gloves costing many times the price. And, as a bonus, they look pretty spiffy too. Highly recommended, really.


   Dave W  Verified Buyer  

great gloves for warmth and durability

I've learned a few things from these gloves.

  1. yes, gloves can be warm, durable and low cost.
  2. no, you probably don't need waterproof as DWR on gloves is probably fine. I've had zero issues with wetness despite some wet days.
  3. custom pack-in is a thing. They start a bit snug, and then pack-in to fit your hands perfectly.
  4. there is no replacing real leather palms for durability.


   Kevin L  Verified Buyer  

Great gloves

Great gloves


   Doug C  Verified Buyer  




   Ron R  Verified Buyer  

warmest gloves I own

I wore these gloves all last winter for work on the colder days, They held up very well, and were the warmest gloves I own. looking forward to trying a pair of the mittens next.


   Howard S  Verified Buyer  

Amazing Gloves and Mittens

Love these! Great quality and amazing warmth!


   David I  Verified Buyer  

I'm very satisfied.

A very well made glove at a great price. Warm with gauntlets to keep the snow out. I'm very satisfied.


   Katy M  Verified Buyer  


I have Raynaud’s disease...which requires me to almost always have hand warmers in my gloves. Haven't used them a single time since buying these!


   William L  Verified Buyer  

Great mittens for the price!

I ride 35-40 days a year and these have held up well. I’m gonna buy another pair this year to have pairs to rotate through.


   Tim P  Verified Buyer  

FTP Gloves!

Durable, water resistant, warm and great grip, all essential for full-time ski coaching highly variable and gnarly VT conditions.


   Mick T  Verified Buyer  

Awesome gloves

These are some of the best gloves out there. On the coldest days they keep your hands toasty. Very durable materials, great grip and just all around gnarly!


   Ivan T  Verified Buyer  

Nice ski gloves.

Nice ski gloves. Have taken AT skiing /camping as main gloves and use on piste for 3 years. Good gloves.


   Jessica T  Verified Buyer  

Great Gloves!

I gave these gloves to my husband and son last year. My husband's hands get cold easily and my son's are always hot. Both LOVE these and were so happy on the slopes.


   Brian J  Verified Buyer  

Great Price, Solid Product

High quality construction, durable, warm, they get better with age. For the price paid, these are an excellent value.


   G W  Verified Buyer  

RX = Excellent cold-weather glove

Works great for me in cold temps (down to ~5 F). Haven't had them in anything colder than that but they seem like they should work well. Don't limit dexterity at all.


   Andy L  Verified Buyer  

Gloves are great, would buy again

Gloves are great, would buy again.


   Mitchell M  Verified Buyer  

Love The Glove!

I've been using Free the Powder gloves for the past 3 years and have had nothing but great ski days with them. Waterproof, warm, & great grip. I would recommend these gloves to anyone!


   Duncan K  Verified Buyer  

Superb warmth and strength

Superb gloves, marvelous warmth and protection! Such a bonus to find quality at a tremendously reasonable price!


   Avi D  Verified Buyer  

Excellent Ski Gloves

My son and I find these gloves to be superb! They are comfortable and warm. Very good value for money. In my view they are the BEST and I don't want anything else.


   Bruce H  Verified Buyer  

Best gloves and mittens ever

Best gloves and mittens ever.


   Rebecca S  Verified Buyer  

Love my Free The Powder Mittens

I love my Free The Powder Mittens: they're warm, comfortable and wear well.


   Yves M  Verified Buyer  

great mittens

Very good sturdy construction and finish. High quality leather for the palm area. The xl 's fit my large hands well. I only wear mittens while skiing to prevent cold fingers and these keep me warm enough even during frigid Colorado blizzards.


   David T  Verified Buyer  

Great gloves at a great price.

These gloves are a great value. Customer support was very helpful.


   Rob S  Verified Buyer  

Great gloves!

I love the build and comfort of these gloves!


   John T   Verified Buyer  

Love the gloves!

Going on season 2, great gloves!


   Jason T   Verified Buyer  

Best mitts for the money on the market

I have the RX Mitten. They do what they are supposed to: keep my hands warm.

I’ve never been a glove guy but have always worn gloves just out of effort to find the unicorn warm ones. There are many claims of certain gloves being warm and I’ve tried too many of them and (for me anyway) I can conclude there is no such thing as a warm glove (anything below -5C and I want mitts to ski in).

I’ve also always been an under the cuff guy. I mean right brah? Under the cuff. I’m over that too: just pull it on and cinch it up. It’s so much simpler than under the cuff.

The mitts seem well made: the leather is soft and supple. The material portions are robust.

I measured between a med and large and went with large (I like my fingers not touching the ends when extended). I think I could have gone either way, but would go medium if I had to do it over again. There’s a lot of room in the larges. Finger length is good. Thumb length is too long. Just saying, if on the fence between sizes I’d say size down.

Removable liner is great and easy in and out.

That’s about it. For $80 (and I probably got a deal on mine; I cannot recall) they are well worth it and look like they will last.


   Daniel T   Verified Buyer  

Great gloves at reasonable prices!

I purchased a pair last year - long gauntlet, durable palm, lots of insulation. They kept me warm and dry through a typical New England season of snow/ice/rain. Great for skiing, shoveling, snowmobiling. If buying on line, get a size larger than you'd expect; mine ran small.


   Leonard L  Verified Buyer  

Great product, great price

These are well made, warm gloves- 5 stars. Also, they come with wrist straps and liners, usually extra-cost options. Definitely recommended (as I have to many friends).


   Graham W  Verified Buyer  

Excellent Mitts

Excellent mitts, great quality, lovely supple leather and very warm.


   Jeffrey W  Verified Buyer  

Nice and warm

I have 2 seasons of use with these gloves, so far very happy with them. They are comfy and warm.


   Blair W  Verified Buyer  




   Brian R  Verified Buyer  

Great Gloves Great price !

Use them for ski patrol and love them, thinking of getting the mittens, These are 1000x better that the $89 dollar Black Diamonds gloves I bought, Those were garbage for keeping your hands warm. These do the trick nicely.


   DM   Verified Buyer  

Best gloves ever.

Best gloves ever.


   Michael P  Verified Buyer  

Great gloves

Could not be happier. 2 seasons and still in perfect shape. Plus they are comfortable and warm. The best.


   Jonathan H  Verified Buyer  

Great gloves

Love mine. Warm and dextrous AF.


   Anne M  Verified Buyer  

Ski mittens!

Love them! So happy!


   Mark M  Verified Buyer  

Great gloves at a fair price.

Great gloves at a fair price. Performed well for almost 100 days at Alta last season. Happy trails, Mark


   Phil L  Verified Buyer  

Great gloves!

I use these daily in the winter as my go-to gloves around the house, blowing snow, shoveling snow and any outdoor activities.


   David N  Verified Buyer  

warm and comfortable

Used them for 6 days in whistler including snowboard helicopter ski. Always warm and dry.


   Kent O  Verified Buyer  

Awesome gloves!

Bought two pairs of these, one for me and one for my son. I wear them on all but the coldest days ( BD Guide gloves are slightly warmer but cost $180 a pair ) only thing I would change is I wish they came in black.


   Victor R  Verified Buyer  

Work Gloves

I first purchased the SX Gloves with the velcro strap. I was going to use it as a work glove in a freezer. Part of the stitching started to come loose and all it took was 1 phone call to get a replacement pair. Not only did they replace them, they let me switch to the RX Mittens. I used them for the rest of the 2.5 years I was in the job. Amazing quality. There was enough room to wear a small glove liner and use hand warmers when necessary. Highly Recommended.


   Ed O  Verified Buyer  

Love my Free the powder gloves!

Love my Free the powder gloves! Durable, comfortable and warm.


   Andrew T  Verified Buyer  

Great biking gloves

I bought a couple pairs of the padded full finger mountain biking gloves on a high recommendation from a friend this summer. The gloves did not disappoint. They have held up quite well to lots of abuse and feel great. I'll buy them again, though I am still on the first pair with no signs of wear yet!


   Michael V  Verified Buyer  

Excellent Glove Liners

Purchased liners to be used in a different brand of gloves, and they are awesome. I wish I had known about Free the Powder before making my initial glove purchase. Free the Powder gloves are on top of my list for my next glove purchase.


   Jeremy P  Verified Buyer  

Awesome gloves

Love the gloves. Would recommend them to anyone.


   Joyce M  Verified Buyer  


LOVE LOVE LOVE these gloves they are the most durable, lasting and warm gloves I have ever owned and that's 20+ years of skiing and wayyyy to many crappy gloves!! FREE THE POWDER AND GET YOUR BEST GLOVES EVVAA


   Eric W  Verified Buyer  

Great Gloves

Great Gloves for da Money!!!


   Nick P  Verified Buyer  

Well made glove especially for the price.

Well made glove especially for the price.


   Rick H  Verified Buyer  


Great gloves.


   Adam W  Verified Buyer  

Free the powder, free the mind

Great gloves at a great price.


   Jeff S  Verified Buyer  

Race AL Glove

Best ski gloves I have ever purchased!! Warm,water resistant and have ample padding for protection against the ice coast. Better than Hestra especially for the price.


   Andrew L  Verified Buyer  

Great Gloves!

I’ve worn these gloves for two seasons of skiing. They’ve stayed supple, their grip is good, the large cuffs have never let snow reach my wrists, and my hands have stayed warm throughout [perhaps a little cool on the lifts at the tops of the mountains on cold days, but that disappeared as soon as I became active again). They were also affordable!


   Scott H  Verified Buyer  

Gloves - SX

Very warm and flexible. Have held up great over 3 seasons of use in the PNW. Their waterproofing leather treatment is great and all natural. Free the Powder delivers a great glove at a great price.


   Don S  Verified Buyer  

Best ski mits ever.

Best ski mits ever. Canadian Ski Patroller.


   David L  Verified Buyer  


Great price for powder gloves.


   Robert K  Verified Buyer  

super warm

I got the Free the Powder gloves and they are super warm. My go to gloves when we get those frigid Tahoe days! The long cuffs are a great feature.


   Duk O  Verified Buyer  

Bullet proof gloves for the price of a few bottles of wine.

I have a few pairs of FTP gloves I have owned for two seasons. The quality and durability is so far beyond the price it's a no brainer for anyone looking for ski gloves. I personally hate gloves with any kind of vapor barrier insert which lead to my hands sweating like a fat man in a sweat lodge. The old school use of leather and mating soft shell material creates a great glove for my frequently damp NW ski days. Big thumbs up for a great product at a incredible price.


   Bart T  Verified Buyer  

Best Glove I've Ever Owned!

I've used these gloves for approximately 60 days over the last two seasons. They still look and feel brand new. At this rate I might need to update my will so that I can be prepared to pass these gloves onto my grandchildren (that are not even born).

EXTREMELY warm, comfortable and durable. My primary use is back country skiing.


   Jeff R  Verified Buyer  

Best spring gloves out there

These gloves are at the right price fit very well and are extremely durable I really don't know how you can get a better product.


   Jesse W  Verified Buyer  

The best gloves

I'm on season 3 now with my FTP gloves. Even though I ride one plank instead of two, I put these things through the ringer. Never ever have had wet hands, and I'm always warm. My whole family has switched to FTP, no question the best value in gloves around. Plus, local Utah company. Can't beat that. Get some!


   Dave K  Verified Buyer  


After using the original glove they make for 2 years, went back and bought a other pair with the shorter cuff so i have options. 2 year old version is finally showing signs of wear. But I wore them nearly everyday all winter long.


   Joe O  Verified Buyer  

RX Glove

Very comfortable glove. I use it on Ski Patrol and have had no issues with them. Still going strong after 3 years.


   Alexander S  Verified Buyer  

One of the best pairs of gloves I've ever owned.

One of the best pairs of gloves I've ever owned. They are warm enough that I can wear them on all but the coldest days yet still breathable enough for spring mornings in the skin track. They are quality gloves and still look great after 60+ day seasons.

Love these gloves and already have a few friends and family members with them. Would recommend them highly!


   Richard K  Verified Buyer  

Love the gloves

Love the gloves. Good quality. Very warm


   David H  Verified Buyer  

Love the Glove

Warm, breathable, functional, light weight, ergonomic and affordable ...what more could a guy want? Best gloves ever! Nice


   Troy C  Verified Buyer  

Warm and comfortable

Well made. Solid materials. Very comfortable. In two seasons using them, I can't remember ever having cold hands, nor do I see any signs yet of breakdown.

Unfortunately, they have not added the feature that makes them magically return to you when you leave them on your back bumper then drive away. If they could just add that, they would be perfect. Currently they are just really great.


   Zac E  Verified Buyer  

Warm and Cozy

There are the best gloves I've ever used. Stayed warm, dry and cozy all day in East coast wet and freezing conditions.


   Michael C  Verified Buyer  

Great mittens!

Fantastic mittens that are warm, comfortable and well made! Removable liners are great as well.


   Tracy G  Verified Buyer  

Great gloves!

I bought the spring gloves and the full-fingered mountain bike gloves and I'm very happy with both of them. Great gloves and great shopping experience.


   Mark F  Verified Buyer  

absolutely love them

I bought the SX two years ago and absolutely love them. I ski at Wildcat NH where the temps are often sub zero but the SX gloves keep my hands warm and dry. A fantastic all-around winter glove at a great price.


   Rich G  Verified Buyer  

Great value

Great value


   Brad C  Verified Buyer  

Great gloves

Great gloves, plenty of insulation and great ergonomics.


   Melissa B  Verified Buyer  

Great gloves!

I purchased these for one of my sons based on my other son's recommendation. They are both avid skiers who stay out on the slopes in all sorts of weather and they swear by them!


   John C  Verified Buyer  


Excellent product and inexpensive. I read about the gloves on Wildsnow.


   Kevin C  Verified Buyer  

Ski patroler very happy with gloves

I am a ski patroller at a state-owned ski area in the Northeast. I bought a pair of your gloves through the NSP program. I am very happy with the gloves. They compare to other gloves costing much more. I have recommended your products to my fellow patrollers. Keep up the good work!


   Thomas E  Verified Buyer  

Great Mitts

I bought these to replace some OR Overmitts and a pair of Outdoor Designs. FTP Mitts are far superior. The stretch material breathes much better and these Mitts keep my hands warm even on frigid New Hampshire days. Highly Recommend! 


   Bob F  Verified Buyer  

Great gloves and excellent price

These are the gloves I wear on the really cold days or when it’s dumping snow and have to keep the hands dry. I’ve had mine for 2 seasons and the leather breaking in makes them Even more comfortable as they age.


   Rick D  Verified Buyer  

My Go To Gloves

Bought these gloves while looking at a side advertisement, price was good so thought what the heck. Purchased the long cuff gloves and applied the waterproofing that was provided. I used them for HOK skiing and split boarding the first winter and have since. Very warm and easy on/off when needed. Once broken in they get even better. These gloves can be used for riding, snowshoeing, shovel the driveway, etc. Very Versatile glove at a great price. Just treat them once spring arrives and they are ready to rock the next winter.


   Frances G  Verified Buyer  

These are the BOMB!

Bought these for my daughter to replace her packed down Leki mittens. Added the treatment balm to soften them up. They are way better quality than any of the name brand ski gloves/mittens I have purchased in the last several years. And at a ridiculously fair price. Go get some!


   Dave B  Verified Buyer  

Best Gloves Ever

I was a liftie for several seasons, and still have these cloves 5 years later, wear them every time I board. Buy these gloves!!!!


   Jon G  Verified Buyer  

Awesome mittens!

These mittens are great! For the price, they can't be beat. Definitely the warmest mittens I've ever had, backed up by solid customer service!


   Andrew E  Verified Buyer  

FTP Full finger Mt bike gloves

I have been wearing my full finger Mt bike gloves for a few years now and they have held up well. The full protection for your hands is great on the Mt bike but here in Northern California where it doesn’t get too cold they have been great on the road during the winter. Might have to pickup another pair the price was great.


   Richard C  Verified Buyer  

Would purchase again!

I’ve used these gloves for 2 seasons with great dexterity and warm hands.


   John D  Verified Buyer  

Free The Powder Ski Gloves

Very warm gloves at less than 50% of competitors pricing.


   William E  Verified Buyer  

Quality and Value

As a part time Certified Ski Instructor, I found Free the Powder Gloves to be warm, well constructed, and comfortable leather glove at a great price. My go to glove for most days on the slope. Very happy.


   CF  Verified Buyer  

FTP gloves!

Amazing gloves at a great price! Will be buying more soon.


   Tom C  Verified Buyer  

Great quality gloves

I’m very impressed with the gloves. They are perfect for colder days, I could use them every day on the slopes but they slightly bulkier. Warmth comes at certain price. Hestra has nothing on the FTP gloves. Great customer service, send them an email or call and all your questions get answered. Hope you consider them when you are in a market for a new pair. Cheers!


   CD  Verified Buyer  

Great mitts

I love these mittens. My hands stay toasty and dry. Great product.


   Wayne D  Verified Buyer  

No more cold hands

These are really warm gloves. While they may not have all the bells and whistles of high end gloves costing three times as much, they work well and are a great value.


   Phillip F  Verified Buyer  

Love my FTP gloves!

I’ve had my FTP gloves for over three seasons. I’m not nice to gloves and these have held up really nicely. I’ve had to duct tape the fingers on a couple places but I expected to do that a lot earlier. Nice soft leather. Durable.


   David D  Verified Buyer  

Best Ski Instructor Gloves

As a ski instructor I am on the mountain for 60+ days a year. My glove of choice is Free The Powder. They are the best gloves I have used for the day to day demands of instructing.


   Tom H  Verified Buyer  

Great gloves

Great gloves, great prices, great customer service.  All good!

   Jonathan C  Verified Buyer  

Everything you need. Nothing you don’t.

Great, warm, durable glove for cold, snowy or dry. Love the breathability and high quality leather. Have the old style mitts and gloves both with gauntlet and with fixed liners. Love the fixed liner as the liner doesn’t come out when I pull out my fingers and then get bunches up when I put the item back on my hand. I pull my gloves/mitts on and off several times throughout the day so this is important! Nicely done! These are my go to items when it’s cold. Especially the mitts. Tons of insulation. Dexterity is good relative to the warmth.


   Matt C  Verified Buyer  

Very solid product

Love these gloves - great fit and super functional. They hold up as well.


   Paul B  Verified Buyer  

These gloves are awesome gloves

I have extreme difficulty with my hands turning white and losing circulation. Free the Powder gloves are as good as any glove out there and much better than most at keeping my hands warm. Whenever even they cannot do the job, Free the Powder mittens do !


   Dave C  Verified Buyer  

Great gloves, durable, warm

I have several pairs of your ski gloves and a pair of your full finger bike gloves which I really like. All seem to be super durable and the ski gloves plenty warm.


   Kenneth F  Verified Buyer  

Great gloves

Great gloves , great value, great company!

What more can you ask for? Let it snow!!!!


   John G  Verified Buyer  

Fantastic Product!

I ordered the gloves last November, and was quite surprised at how quickly they arrived. Excellent craftsmanship, and super warm. Came with some leather conditioner/waterproofing which was a added bonus. For the cost, I believe that they are some of the best gloves on the market.


   Bryce K  Verified Buyer  

Great Gloves

Great gloves that I have used over a number of reasons and still going strong. The staff were helpful with sizing which made it easy for me to buy as I'm in New Zealand and hard to return.


   Mark H  Verified Buyer  

Awesome gloves

These gloves are hands down the best for the money. They are as warm as my more expensive gloves and although they don't have a water proof membrane I applied a water proofing to the leather and they stay just as dry as any gortex glove. Two full seasons with 40-50 days a year and they still look new.


   TJ G  Verified Buyer  

Best Gloves I’ve Ever Owned

These mitten are super durable and seem to get better the more you use them and apply wax. I've never had gloves last for more than one or two seasons but these have been great. They’re very warm, and the wax/leather combo offers great waterproofing. I’d recommend them to anyone. The only issue I’ve had is when I pull my snowboard out instead of my skis, the latch mechanism on snowboard bindings can be hard to work and manipulate. That’s probably just a mitten style issue in general though. Otherwise, a perfect product! These guys make them locally in PC and the quality is far superior to any name brand I’ve tried in the past.


   Edward F  Verified Buyer  

The Best

The best gloves and mittens (I went for both) I have owned - well-built, tough, and warm. Love the removable liners for quicker dry times and washability.



   William B  Verified Buyer  

We love your gloves!!

Better than Hestra !! Mittens and gloves are 1st class.... All my neighborhood skis and boards with your gloves....


   Richard C  Verified Buyer  

Powder and beyond

I received my gloves just in time for a 5 day epic fresh POW heli-skiing experience in British Columbia. Skiing consecutive days from 9 am to 4 pm with no breaks except when the heli transported us to our next untracked line, these gloves performed beyond my expectations. They kept my hands dry and warm and withstood the wear and tear from constant loading and unloading of our equipment. At the end of day I left them out to dry and they were ready in top condition for the next day. I was able put all my focus and attention into skiing without thinking once about my hand comfort.


   Brandon A  Verified Buyer  

Awesome Product

The best gloves I’ve owned for the price.


   Peter B  Verified Buyer  

Sweet Gloves

My friend turned me on to Free The Powder gloves, I'm so excited to finally get a pair of my own. They look awesome, feel great and have the softest, most pliable leather. They should make my life much easier helping my daughter get her skis on and off and everything else required when teaching someone to ski.


   Michelle B  Verified Buyer  

Toasty warm!

warmest gloves I ever had!


   John B  Verified Buyer  

MTB gloves

Great gloves at a great price. They last me about a season to a season and a half. I love the light leather palms without any padding. I'd rather have that than some beefier palms that lasted longer.


   Kevin B  Verified Buyer  

The best!

When it gets cold and deep at Alta these are my gloves of choice.



   Christopher B  Verified Buyer  

Great gloves. Excellent value

Love these gloves. Everyone in our family has a pair.


   Adam B  Verified Buyer  

Best pair of gloves I've ever owned

These are the only pair of gloves I've ever owned that I haven't been able to wear out in less than three years and best of all, they're relatively inexpensive. Be aware though, there is most definitely a break in period. The first couple weeks they were very tight and felt like there was almost too much insulation but once broken in they're great. They're extremely comfortable, dextrous enough, and warm without making my hands sweat.


   Michael B  Verified Buyer  

3rd Season

I'm about to start my third season with these gloves. With a little care they look and perform like new. They are warm yet not bulky. I probably wore them 40+ days last season and unless its windy and below zero, or sunny and warmer it's my go to ski glove. Very impressed with the quality!


   David A  Verified Buyer  

Solid piece of kit!!

I have had my Free the Powder gloves for >two years. I am a constant first chair telemark skier so I am on the chair many mornings in CO, OR, MT at -10 F. My fingers are quite comfortable both as I start and hours later when I have built up heat. As a bonus that just look good.


   Jeff B  Verified Buyer  

Trustworthy products

I own FTP mitts, ski gloves, and MTB gloves. All products are reliably made and have stood up over many seasons. Mitts are my favorite and very warm. Excellent customer service too.


   Matthew B  Verified Buyer  

Excellent gloves

Love the gloves!


   Charles S  Verified Buyer  

Half what I usually pay

I usually spend a lot more on good ski gloves, so I was a bit skeptical of these before I saw them. I'd read a lot of good stuff online. Really nice leather and construction. And really warm!


   Jorick E  Verified Buyer  

Warm, Comfortable, Durable

Favorite mittens I’ve owned.


   Matthew B  Verified Buyer  

Excellent gloves

Love the gloves!


   Ann R  Verified Buyer  

Great small company

We have bought many pairs of FTP Gloves and they are the warmest. But they work great even when it gets warm due to their breathability. Nice people to deal with.


   Sam E  Verified Buyer  

Best gloves at the best price

Not too warm and not too cold. Very solid, quality gloves. I use these every day in the resort and on the way down when touring. If you take care of the leather they will last a long time, but at these prices who cares just get another pair. These are comparable to name brand gloves that are 2-3 times the price.


   Jeff D  Verified Buyer  

Love them!

Great gloves, great price!


   Kenneth F  Verified Buyer  

Best Mt. Bike glove

These are the best Mt. bike gloves I've ever used. Plus, a great value.


   Josh F  Verified Buyer  

Great Gloves. Right Priced.

Outstanding value. Performance that exceeded expectation. Nice and warm.


   Richard B  Verified Buyer  

Really warm, durable, & very cool lookin'

This reminds me to spray my gloves leather palms with heavy duty silicone Waterproofer to prep them for warm dry hands on those cold winter days.


   Brian B  Verified Buyer  




   Richard B  Verified Buyer  

Rugged Functional Ski Gloves

Rugged Functional Ski Gloves


   Brian D  Verified Buyer  

Slim's gloves

I first learned about FTP gloves from seeing so many other Patrollers wearing them in the locker room. Tried a pair a couple years back and won't wear anything else now! Comfortable, warm, and tough. Lasted a whole season of 100 days working on the mountain. Withstands rough ropes, bamboo, signage, & ice. Only time I ever got cold hands was when the gloves and liners were soaked through. That's why I always have a second pair in my pack now! Only thing I would recommend is to send out reminders to put on more waterproofer. I never got around to doing it enough and a few seams have split. I think if I was more conscious of waterproofing they would last even longer.


   Brian D  Verified Buyer  

Great Gloves

Good dexterity, great price.


   Mat C  Verified Buyer  

Stop the madness!

Several pairs of high end gloves over the years...some good, some just good looking. The only two pairs I will vouch for are my old school Hestra's and a pair of FTP'ers...and basically, the FTP's are a third the cost, so.

I've found the trick is, right when they're brand new, warm them in a 180degree oven and slather the hell out of them with nikwax or some other decent leather softens them up and makes the leather look sweet. I own a pair as does my son and they're bomber...takes almost a whole season to break in, which is good.


   Pete C  Verified Buyer  

Great value

Over the years I’ve bought lots of gloves, some of them very expensive, my Free the Powder gloves are the ones that I’m most happy with.


   Graham B  Verified Buyer  

Best damn gloves out there

Super high quality gloves, local shop, fraction of the price of other gear. NO brainer!


   Andy D  Verified Buyer  

Best Bang for the buck

The gloves are solidly constructed, take a little breaking in to soften up, but are super nice, sturdy and warm. Well worth the 'modest' investment. As for customer service, I have not had any reason to use it related to the gloves, but in purchasing and other interactions everything has been top notch.


   Carson C  Verified Buyer  

Thoughtful design, quality materials!

I love these mittens. I have a pair of the originals and a pair of the updated version, and they hold up beautifully. My only criticism is with the placement the wrist straps on the version with the removable liner. A notch in the liner to accommodate the strap would be helpful. Or one strap connecting the shell to the liner, and another from the liner to the wrist. The way it's currently situated, the strap either has to sit awkwardly far up my arm and slide all over, or it pushes one side of the liner down.


   Devrin S  Verified Buyer  

Winter and Summer

I have both and they are excellent. Use winter more than summer which are a bit thick when too warm. Get em!


   Aleksey G  Verified Buyer  

Awesome product

Awesome product. Warm and durable. Very reasonably priced.


   Greg B  Verified Buyer  

Great company-service-products-value

Very helpful customer service courteous and prompt.

Love the gloves I would buy another pair if these ever wear out and of course recommend them to all my ski & snowboard friends.


   Len B  Verified Buyer  

good stuff, pricing, service

Says it all.


   Drew A  Verified Buyer  

Darn good gloves

Price, quality, performance: what more can you want? You can spend a lot more, but why, same performance and quality as Hestra and that says it all.


   Tom B  Verified Buyer  

Great Gloves

Your gloves are the best. Better than other makers more expensive options.


   Roger B  Verified Buyer  

SX Gloves -these are my favorite gloves

These are my favorite gloves. Excellent quality-keep my hands warm and comfy. I bought two pairs and gave one to my son who skies 100 + days a year and they have held up well. Shortly after making my purchase I was contacted by someone from FtP and informed that there might be a problem with the Velcro wrist tightening strap and if I did have an issue they would replace the gloves. Happily, I've had no issues with my gloves. I read somewhere the FTP's mission is to provide good quality gloves for an affordable price. I'd say mission accomplished.


   Josh B  Verified Buyer  

Some of the best on the market

I've had nothing but good experiences with these gloves. I own 4 pairs, not because of a need but a want. They continue to get better and the price is right.


   Robert B  Verified Buyer  

Free the Powder gloves

Great products, great service, great prices!


   Daniel B  Verified Buyer  

Always great

Always great customer service and a great product at a super good price.


   Kris B  Verified Buyer  

Great gloves, reasonable price

Gloves are well thought out and well made. Only issue has been sizing: I followed the sizing instructions, but they were too big. Customer service was great about exchanging, though. I also love the fact that extra liners are available, so I always have a clean/dry set, but there is some size variability in how the liners are made.


   Will B  Verified Buyer  

Great gloves, great price!

I have two pairs and my wife and kids have a pair. They are very warm, durable and comfortable. And a great price!