Shipping department closed for maintenance Tue-Wed May 21-22

Shipping department closed for maintenance Tue-Wed May 21-22

Day 1- November 14, 2014

November 15, 2014

 Finally got out of the warehouse (Bunker) and got some fresh air. Launching this kind of business is brutal, so it's incredible to get out and do some field work, testing gloves. It's amazing, gloves that seem too small in a 70 degree room all of a sudden become too big in the cold. (Hint, hands swell a bit in warmth).

Very little snow in Upper Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah for this late date. I hiked up the man-made snow at Alta Ski Area, where there were a few other people desperate for turns and kickers. There was maybe a foot of snow off the man-made run. The man-made run, Collins Gulley was track pack nasty, leg breaker "snow". Went up about half way, totally out of shape from working so much and no mountain biking since August (broke arm). Just great to get out though.

Talked to some old timers. It's awesome to speak my native tongue again (Skier). Everyone else was picking their way down the side of the man-made snow run, but not me, I shredded the gnar!

Alta, Utah November 14, 2014Alta, Utah. Mid-mountain Collins. Nov 14, 2014Alta, Utah November 14, 2014. Mid-Collins




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