November 28, 2014

Day 11- November 28, 2014

Opening day at the Canyons Resort. Very warm. Forecasted high of 58 for late November in Park City not good. Just an entirely nicer set-up than Park City Mountain Resort where I've been skiing for the previous week. The parking lot is sufficiently big for the customers (duh), the parking lot has attendants, and it's all very organized, in stark contrast to the crowded chaos of PCMR.

Canyons has been my home ski area since it was called Parkwest. Rode up the cabriolet, which I have always hated, and discovered it's a whole lot better than the endless trudging from the parking lot to the lifts, like most ski areas. Got off the people-mover cabriolet and was immediately greeted with free Starbucks hot cocoa. Very nice. No lift lines at all and no congestion (like Park City). Skied 6-7 runs on Saddleback. Although very limited terrain, there were no crowds, and especially nice, there were not a vast horde of total gapers bombing down the mountain on their brand new $1200 skis.

Nice to be home.