December 21, 2014

Day 28- December 21,2014

Weird wet and fun as the first big piece of a raging pineapple express train descended on the Wasatch of Utah. 5 inches overnight of very wet snow got the snowblower out. I headed up to Meet Toby and Cutter, and allegedly we poached into the Canyons backcountry. It was nuking windy and really wet. We skied wet, dense Homerun, then headed into the storm to ski Driveway. We saw, then accompanied Little Jeff to Driveway, the double fall line run of Gaper superstardom. That was ok, a little dense, then Toby and I headed back up to ski the Cinder Chutes Shoulder, which can collect some deep wind deposit if the conditions and wind direction are right. Not often. It was real nice.

Did I say it was super wet, as in wettest day ever. When we got back to ski area, the whole place was shutting down at 2 pm due to wind. It was very windy and raining hard. Brutal fun stuff only Oregon boys, like me, could love!

Toby Free the PowderPowder Skiing