December 26, 2014

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Day 33- December 26,2014

Quite an exciting day today. Premium deep powder, clear visibility and good friends made for a perfect start to the day. We skied Soul Patch in near perfect powder, then moved on to the far side of Dutch's Draw. Micah, Toby, Skylar, Wes, and I moved further up the ridge each run. Finally, we strayed into the middle, just to right of the Goal Posts. Toby went further left between the Goal Posts and triggered a large slab avalanche that buried him to his neck. Scary. Our party dug him out and other than a lost ski, poles, hat and goggles, he is doing fine.

Powder can also be your enemy.

Soul Patch skiing Canyons BackcountryDutch's Draw slide December 26, 2014