December 31, 2014

Day 38- December 31, 2014

On the New Year's eve I braved the bitter cold for one more day. But this time, I avoided the bitter -24 degree morning and headed up to the mountain when the mercury hit the might plus column -1 degree F-. I bundled up heavily with full thickness down jacket. The temps were definitely inversional as the temperature kept rising as I ascended the mountain. And in the sun on the west face of Beartrap in the Canyons backcountry it was downright balmy out of the cutting breeze on the ridge. I skied Big Mac a few times solo and it was fabulous hero powder. I saw no one else out. I believe this was the last day for the dirtbag brigade whose ski passes were blacked out through the entire epic powder cycle. Thumbs up for bucking the extra $200 for a no-blackout pass.

Park City ridgeline backcountry free the powder