January 08, 2015

Day 46 January 8, 2014

The great American Founding Father Thomas Paine said, "These are the times that try men's souls..." . That is how I felt standing in the shade, staring down a 1500 foot slope of recently frozen snow that had been nice and soft in the sun, not more than 30 minutes before. My edge-less fat backcountry rock skis were going to be of little assistance on this ass-crappy (technical ski term) boiler plate of a ski run. All I needed was some great gloves to get me through (and my awesome skiing skill).

I am writing this blog post, so as you can see, I made it out alive... but it wasn't pretty for the other folks and who knows, the ski patrol probably had their hands full on their final sweeps.

Condor Canyons Applande Run