December 31, 2014

Roccaraso - Rivisondoli, Italy

Roccaraso - Rivisondoli, Abruzzo, Italy 39 inches in 24 hours and 55 inch storm total. An incredible storm in an incredible place, not normally known as a great ski condition outside of the local area.

Roccaraso - Rivisondoli, skiing

Excerpt from Visit Abruzzo:

Abruzzo is a land of mountains. Every glance at the horizon reveals rows of rocky peaks soaring skywards. These are the Majella, Gran Sasso, Laga and Sirente-Velino group massifs, to name just a few. A fantastic high-altitude world made up of the most formidable complex mountain range in the Apennines (with marked alpine features), strategically placed at the centre of Italy and the Mediterranean, with a strong, enduring layer of snow (often lasting until spring), with countless resorts and tourist facilities, and changing all the time. 

The biggest ski resorts in the Apennines, hundreds of kilometres of ski runs, excellent standards of snow, well-designed state-of-the-art facilities, a complete, efficient network of accessory structures and services. Abruzzo has no limits if you are a snow aficionado.

Of all Abruzzo’s resorts, the leader is the Upper Sangro skiing district, the largest in central-southern Italy and actually the seventh at national level for size and overall quality of ski runs and services. The district comprises Roccaraso (with its elegant shops and hotels, and the biggest sports facilities), Rivisondoli (famous for its live nativity tableau), and Pescocostanzo (with its exceptional Renaissance and Baroque old centre).

Roccaraso - Rivisondoli, Abruzzo, Italy