Attaching wrist leash to our ski gloves


Free the Powder Wrist Leashes on sale now!

Here are instructions for attaching wrist leashes (aka wrist straps, retention straps, idiot straps, glove leashes) to Free the Powder gloves and mittens if they did not come with your gloves. They also work great on any other gloves. We do not include wrist leashes with our original models Long Cuff Glove, Short Cuff Glove and Ski Mitten. They come standard with all our new models.

Run leash through the size or "Thinsulate" tag inside glove/mitten or size tag.

attaching wrist leash to ski glove step 1

attaching wrist leashes to ski gloves

attaching wrist leash to ski glove step 2

attaching ski glove wrist leash step 3

wrist leash free the powder ski glove

ski glove wrist leash putting on

Or, you can start by running the wrist leash through the cinch cord attachment loop of the glove:

attaching wrist leashes to ski glove from webbing

Or, you can use a needle and thread, and sew them onto the edge of the cuff:

sew on wrist leash ski glovewhere to sew on wrist leash ski glove

All our newer models come with leashes already attached. Check them out!

glove leashes on Free the Powder gloves

Size Guide

Unisex sizing. Free the Powder Gloves
have a fairly standard initial fit, but our
gloves are made with all-stretchable
materials so they break-in and conform
to your hand like no other ski glove. 

Sizing FAQs Page