Converting to tubeless tires- mountain bikes

Should I switch to tubeless tires for mountain biking?

Yes. For protection from flat tires. As a general rule tubeless systems incur fewer flats than tubes. 

No. Less tire selection and higher cost. Cheap mountain bike tires are rarely tubeless compatible. Also, consider you can always change a tube or repair it, but once a tubeless tire punctures you have a big problem. Been there done that.

Tubeless tire conversion guide:

Items Required For Tubeless Tire Conversion
• Tubeless compatible tire
• Tubeless rim strip tape
• Tire sealant
• Tubeless valve stem

Follow These Steps To Convert To Tubeless Tires

1. Apply the rim strip tape all the way around inside of the rim, starting next to the valve. Cross over by a few inches to be safe and secure.

2. Poke a hole through the rim tape for the valve stem using a scissors, a screwdriver, a pencil, pen or knife.

3. Insert the valve stem through the hole in the rim (where you cut a hole in the rim tape) and install the locking nut. Tighten the lock nut so it’s secure and tight.

4. Begin guiding the tire onto the rim, starting with only one bead of the tire.

5. Guide the second bead onto the tire, leaving about one-quarter of the bead un-seated in the rim.

6. Pour in the sealant. The proper amount of sealant will vary based on the brand you are using.

7. Install the rest of the tire bead so it is fully seated on the rim.

8. Inflate your mountain bike tire to proper pressure.

9. Once the tire is seated on the rim, replace the valve core. Remove the air pump nozzle, using your finger to block the hole, then quickly thread in the valve core.

10. Make sure the pressure is correct.

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