Discount Gloves for Ski & Snowboard Instructors

Our whole concept is a better priced ski glove for serious professional skiers, like ski instructors. Our design concept is maximum dexterity, grip and toughness, without sacrificing warmth. But we have an even better deals for ski instructors: Send us an email with a photo of your instructor pass and we will send you our Pro Form information. (for non-sale items). 

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Ski instructing requires a unique set of glove design variables for optimum performance. A glove that has maximum versatility is essential. Ski and snowboard instructing requires you to be outside, all day, every day, from the cold mornings, through potentially warm afternoons and storms. To satisfy that versatility, Free the Powder focuses on the following variables:

1) Maximum breathability allows a glove to be worn in the widest range of temperatures.

1- To achieve maximum breathability while still being very warm, we use our proprietary insulation called Breathefil, which is our "cocktail" of synthetic fibers, that were field tested and chosen for their ability to breathe.

2- We use air-permeable 4-way stretch softshell material on the back of the hand, which is much more breathable than the much more common hardshell materials of most ski gloves.

3- We use natural cowhide leather. And we do not treat our leather with silicone-based or petroleum-based water-proofers, which clog the pores of the leather, making them less breathable.

4- We do not use membrane inserts that trap much more moisture than they prevent moisture penetration from the outside on most days and in most conditions. 

2) Toughness: Ski and snowboarding requires you to be on the hill skiing and riding more than any group of people on the mountain. There is almost no down time. So we use thicker natural cowhide leather, with a reinforcement patch that covers all areas of high wear on the palm. The type of leather is also important: properly tanned and treated premium grain cowhide is the toughest leather, with the best combination of grip and toughness. It’s what cattle ranchers use.

3) Dexterity: The best dexterity for a ski glove comes from premium grain, soft, grippy leather that molds to the shape of the hand. That is greatly assisted by utilizing a liner and insulation that is thinner and less lofty, such as Breathefil™. 

4) “Waterproof”: Water-resistance is important, but not at the expense of maximum breathability. The water-proofing should come from DWR, durable water repellent that is engineered into the leather and fabrics of the glove. Current technology of water-proof insert membranes puts you on a slippery slope of functionality, which decreases the versatility of the gloves.

5) Warmth: Obviously ski instructing is performed in the cold, but it is very active, so you need a glove with high levels of insulation. A good amount is 200 grams.

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Free the Powder gloves are the perfect gloves for ski and snowboard instructors.