Drying Ski Gloves


1) Air dry your gloves or mittens at room temperature after every use. DO NOT USE HEAT. No clothes dryers, no heaters, no open flames, no radiators.

drying ski gloves

2) Stand your gloves up in a manner that allows air to rise into them. WARM AIR RISES. A great strategy is to stand them up off the edge of table, between the wall and a basket or other object.

drying ski glove advice

3) The more breathable your gloves are, the faster they will dry. Free the Powder Gloves dry most of the time by doing nothing more than setting them on a table in a reasonably ventilated room. 

dry ski gloves on table

4) If your gloves have removable liners, remove the liners and hang them up on a hook or clothes line. In a well ventilated area, they should dry simply by placing on a table.

hang up dry gloves

Cleaning ski gloves instructions