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We would like to thank everyone for all the positive reviews and love for Free the Powder Gloves. We're new and we need all the support and word-of-mouth we can get ! Thank you.

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From Powder Magazine's Gear Buyer's Guide Review:

free the powder review

From Backcountry Magazine's apparel guide to gloves...

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Review from Freeskier Magazine:

freeskier magazine free the powder reviewReview from Ski Magazine online:

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"Like a good boyfriend, these gloves are both tough and cuddly. Made with cowhide leather, Kevlar reinforcements, and softshell nylon, this highly water-resistant glove is durable, but super-soft, thanks to a fleece lining. Despite a bit of a misnomer, the cuff is long enough to fit over or under your jacket, and a Velcro swath keeps powder out and warmth in. And thanks to this Park City, Utah-based brand for its revolutionary low price point.

[$60,] — Elizabeth Carey, associate digital editor"]

Review from Off-Piste Magazine online   

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"I love leather ski gloves; some might even say I have a leather glove fetish. Kind of like socks, gloves are easy to collect and justify one more pair without really rattling the budget too much. Of course, gloves can be really expensive. I remember telling my mother about my first pair of $100 expedition mittens. She thought the cost as was excessive but, when I broke it down for her in the terms of $10 per finger, she quit hassling me..." Read more review

From Teton Gravity Research ForumsThe extensive thread about our gloves is very positive and we thank the Mag community for all their reviews and spreading the word about us. Excerpt...

"The catalyst for him (Chase) starting the company was his annoyance of overpaying for ski gloves. He wanted to offer a glove that could match the quality and comfort of other premium gloves without having to fork over $100+.

This is the first season of production. Last season he gave a bunch of pre-production gloves to patrollers and everyday skiers to put through the ringer and they held up very well. The gloves have Good supple leather, are very warm and comfortable, and they stayed dry and breath well. As of now there are only two styles, gauntlet, and non-gauntlet. I prefer NG but the gauntlet is stout and wont bunch up..."

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From Epic Ski Forum . The extensive thread about our gloves is very positive and we thank the community. An excerpt...

"Saw a thread on TGR and took a chance on them (Free the Powder Gloves).The FTP Gloves came in the mail in just a couple of days.  Quality looks top notch and lots of nice "little things" that show these were designed by a real skier.  Threw some Hestra leather balm on them and they softened up real nice.  If you're in the market and don't want to spend $100+ take a look.

I'm currently waiting until they get some mittens in stock for my wife.

I have no connection with the guys that put these out; just passing on to the people on this forum what looks like a killer product..."

From Reddit . Thanks for all the great support ! An excerpt...

"These are made in the US by someone who loves Skiing and dedicated his company to providing a quality product at an affordable price. I would rather support that over Hestra any day (not that their products are bad, that is just where my loyalties lay)." 

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From Ski Divas, the popular ski blog and forum for women. An excerpt...

"The product looks impressive at the normal price of $60, and at $45 it's impossible for me to justify not getting a pair of mittens, too. If the quality and price aren't enough motivation, supporting a small Park City business that's just getting their operation off the ground should give you the warm fuzzies."

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From, the popular information website. Their guide to ski gloves...

"Ski gloves are an important part of your ski wardrobe, and unless you want cold hands, they can't be overlooked as a non-important accessory. After all, a pair of well-fitting, warm ski gloves or ski mittens can make your ski day a lot better! Here is a selection of some of the best men's ski gloves and ski mittens.

Free the Powder absolutely makes the most affordable, toughest, warmest, and driest gloves with the best grip and dexterity for skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, snowkiting, and mountain work..." Check out their ski glove guide