FTP Gloves

FTP (Free the Powder) Gloves was founded in Park City, Utah (2013) to offer premium quality leather ski gloves at less than half the price of other ski glove makers. FTP Gloves believes that the current ski glove market pricing structure is highly adverse to the consumer with markups in the 700-1200 % range. We sell direct online, by-passing ski shop middlemen, and pass the savings on to the consumer.

FTP Glove's design is unique because we use non-rigid materials that stretch and break-in much more than your average ski glove. This is achieved by using soft cowhide leather instead of goatskin leather (used in most ski gloves), 4-Way stretch softshell material instead of hardshell nylon material, and our proprietary insulation called Breathefil which is formulated to pack dense, instead of "pack out". The primary purpose of the use of non-rigid materials is too allow our customers to buy a glove that feels slightly too small at first, and then quickly break in for the perfect long term fit. Most ski gloves are designed for showroom fit and sale, not use in the field.

FTP Gloves photo 1