Motocross (MX) Gloves Guide

There are lots of gloves on the market for motorized bike riding, also referred to as motocross, moto, MX, or dirt biking. Good gloves are totally essential for handlebar grip and hand protection.


There are really just two factors to consider:

1) What kind of weather are you riding in? Cold weather is going to require insulation in the gloves. Wet weather is probably going to require a waterproof membrane. If the weather is hot, then you're going to need a highly breathable glove that wicks the moisture away from your skin / palms.

2) Do you want padding on the gloves? Rarely do people wear motocross gloves with padding on the palms. The negative impact on grip is too much. MX gloves place the padding on the outside of the knuckles and back of the hand for crash protection and also protection from anything thrown at the rider -dirt, rocks, mud. The main calculation on the non-use of padding is breathability and grip. Padding is not breathable and makes your hands hot, causing excessive perspiration and loss of grip.

dirt bike gloves

Most motocross dirt bike riding is done when the weather is good, so that usually means a glove that has one primary purpose -GRIP-.

Free the Powder makes motocross dirt biking gloves from tough synthetic leather, silicone on the fingers and palm for enhanced grip, and 4-way stretch mesh for maximum grip and air flow.

motocross gloves

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