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Australia & New Zealand Free Shipping on orders over $100

Kid's Mitten & Glove Size Chart

Free the Powder Gloves are designed to break in and stretch. The leather stretches and conforms to your hand, and our insulation packs out a bit.

1. Will your mittens and gloves fit kids?

Yes. We are new and having limited youth sizes for kid's, but our Extra Small is a Youth Medium and our Small is a Youth Large. I would estimate that our mittens and gloves would fit children 10 years and older.

2. Do your kid's mitten and gloves run small?

Our youth sizes are fairly standard.

3. Will your gloves break in and stretch?

Yes. Our mittens will break in and stretch, but less so than our gloves. The elastic wrist stretches in the first few days of wear, the leather will stretch and and the insulation will pack out a bit.

4. How does your sizing compare to Hestra®?

They make great gloves. They are what I wore before Free the Powder. Our sizing is similar to Hestra®. They use European number sizing 7 (Small), 8 (Medium), 9 (Large), 10 (XL).

6. European size conversion: