Free the Powder Gloves Logo Story


free the powder gloves logo

The animal featured in the Free the Powder Gloves logo is called an Ermine. Learn more about Ermine.

But why an Ermine on the logo of a ski glove company?

The Ermine is also known as a stoat or short-tailed weasel. It is highly adapted to living in harsh environments, typically in the very cold, mountainous environments of Canada, the northern parts of the US, Europe and Asia. They make their dens in the roots of trees and rocky crevices and are often seen "playing" in fresh powder snow.

The cute, furry white animal is also an incredibly vicious carnivore that is chameleon-like in that its fur color adapts to its environment to make it an even more lethal hunting machine. Its teeth are so big, like a shark, that it can take down prey many times its size.

Powder skiers are fun loving, cheerful creatures at heart, but are downright viciously aggressive when going for the powder goods. No friends on a powder day. The cute, lovable, cheerful person turns into a dark, ravenous hunter.

The Ermine and the Powder Skier are the same.

Size Guide

Unisex sizing. Free the Powder Gloves
have a fairly standard initial fit, but our
gloves are made with all-stretchable
materials so they break-in and conform
to your hand like no other ski glove. 

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