Short Cuff or Long Cuff Ski Gloves?

Which style of ski gloves should you use?

This really comes down to whether you prefer to wear your glove cuffs under your jacket sleeves or over your sleeves. Short-cuffs are essential for wearing under your sleeve. Many are functional irrespective of weather.

The benefits of a short cuff (under-the-cuff) ski glove:

1. Smaller, less bulky. Minimizing size decreases weight.

2. Can be worn under the sleeve of your jacket (under-the-cuff). 

3. Decreasing size allows them to be packed easy in a backpack or for travel.

4. More wrist mobility.

5. Many people think they are more modern looking, more fashionable.

6. They are much less bold, in-your-face in appearance. 

7. Often they are less warm. That's good if you get hot hands easily.

short cuff ski glove

The benefits of a long cuff (over-the-cuff) ski glove:

1. Seal from outside environment. Long cuffs are King when the snow is deep and the weather is foul. The cuff goes completely over your jacket sleeve and cinch's tight with an elastic cord.

2. Ease of putting on and taking off. Often times, and in many designs short cuff gloves have cuffs that grip the wrist tightly, making their removal more challenging when your hand gets sweaty.

3. They are more temperature versatile. The cuff can be worn open, allowing air to flow more freely in and out of the glove. That helps keep the interior of the glove dry from sweat on a warm day.

4. The open, wide cuff can be stuck on the end of a ski pole when it gets really warm.

5. They are bold looking and (depending on your tastes) quite fashionable.

long cuff ski glove (over-the-cuff)

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