Wasatch Snow Forecast

wasatch utah snow forecast imageAt Free the Powder Gloves it is essential that we have the best possible weather forecasts for glove testing here in the Wasatch Mountains in Utah. That is why we have relied on Wasatch Snow Forecast . Wasatch Snow Forecast is a weather blog devoted to discussing and forecasting snowfall for Northern Utah. At WSF, they strive to not just tell you the weather, but explain the science behind the awesome snowstorms that bring the region its famous powder. WSF is brought to you by Evan Thayer, a hobbyist meteorologist and avid skier who grew up constantly searching for the perfect snowstorm and the deepest powder. This interest eventually grew into an obsession with snow forecasting, as well as other aspects of meteorology. Wasatch Snow Forecast has vowed to use its knowledge and experience reading computer models and weather charts to bring you the best forecast possible. With WSF’s help, you’ll know exactly when to ditch work, school, or family obligations in favor of forging first tracks down the Wasatch’s pristine slopes.

Wasatch Snow Forecast focuses on the Wasatch Range of Northern Utah but also tries to make mention of snowfall for Southern Utah mountains as well as the Uintas of Northeast Utah.


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