What is the best deal on ski gloves?


The best deal and value on ski gloves is hands-down Free the Powder Gloves. Don't take our word for it, check out the internet forums and what they say:

We're really not stating an opinion in terms of value. Free the Powder sells direct to the consumer, so we can pass on the big savings to you. If our gloves were in ski shops, they would sell for twice the price that we sell them for on our website WHEN THEY ARE NOT ON SALE. Our every day low price makes buying easy all the time.

And if you really want the best deal on ski gloves, you could be a little patient and wait for us to go completely crazy and offer our gloves on discount, clearance or get our Factory Second Gloves. Our "sales" are unpredictable so take advantage of them when you can.

best deal on ski gloves

We don't just sell our gloves at a low price to give you the best deal, we use the best materials and give you the best customer service. Who does that?

No one but us.

Forget price for a second, why are they a better value and a better product?

We use:

-Super tough, incredibly grippy, and very soft natural cowhide leather palms and a leather reinforcement patch that protects all of the high wear areas of the palm. Most gloves are made of thinner goatskin, but not ours. We put thicker, tough cowhide leather on top of thicker tough leather.

-We use premium cowhide leather that's thicker, as well as being reinforced. Our leather is tanned and treated for maximum softness and grip, and waterproofed with a special mixture of natural fatliqours. Most other ski glove makers use leather that is rigid, thinner, and that does not break-in, thereby decreasing dexterity, toughness and breathability.

-HIGHLY water-resistant and breathable 4-way stretch softshell nylon. Our softshell material is a woven polyester fabric that is strong, highly durable, very quick drying, and most importantly, much more breathable than the hardshell nylon used in most ski gloves. The more breathable, the more versatile your gloves will be. 

-Lined with super-soft fleece and insulated with 200 grams Breathefil™, our proprietary blend of insulation with 3M Thinsulate™. Breathefil™ is a special blend of synthetic fibers that maximizes breathability without losing warmth.

-Back of the hand wrist strap to ensure the perfect fit.

-Short cuff or long cuff, mitten or glove, removable or fixed liner, we have you covered.

-Soft nose-wipe material on the back of the thumb to wipe your nose and face.

-The Free the Powder "Thurman the Ermine" Logo. A cute, playful creature that's a vicious carnivore, just like a powder skier/rider.

best deal on removable liner ski gloves

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Size Guide

Unisex sizing. Free the Powder Gloves
have a fairly standard initial fit, but our
gloves are made with all-stretchable
materials so they break-in and conform
to your hand like no other ski glove. 

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