What is the difference between SX and SX Pro?

The new SX Pro models (5-finger, 3-finger and Mitten) have several changes and upgrades:

1) In the SX Pro we added Velcro fastener tabs on the liner, which attaches to the shell, giving the SX Pro all the benefits of both a removable and a fixed liner.

difference between SX Pro and SX ski glove

2) We upgraded the liner construction to decrease bulk and improve dexterity by removing unnecessary material around the fingers. The decreased bulk make the cuffs fit more easily under the sleeves of your jacket.

3) The SX Pro has a leather reinforced pull-on tab on the cuff for added durability and ease of putting on. We have also made the hook and loop (Velcro) tightening tab stretchy to eliminate the need to constantly pull the hook and loop apart. That makes taking the gloves on and off easier and significantly increases durability.

SX Pro Glove by Free the Powder

4) The SX Pro has softshell on the back of the thumb to wipe your nose. It is a stretchier material than the previously used microfiber material, so it fits better and provides better dexterity. And it's more water-resistant and durable!

5) The glove leash attachment has been moved to the pinky-side of the glove, making it more comfortable when your gloves hang from your wrist.

6) The SX Pro Mitten has been combined with the former Polar Mitten to make it our new warmest glove or mitten. It now has the V Polar Liner with 300 grams of insulation!

SX Pro Ski Mitten by Free the Powder