What is Free the Powder's warmest ski glove?

This is one of our most common FAQs:

This can be a difficult, subjective question to answer, depending on an individual's personal characteristics. Everyone's metabolism, blood circulation and tolerances to various conditions are different.

But in general, I will say this much about Free the Powder Gloves: with the exception of our BC Spring Glove, all our gloves and mittens are made "heavyweight", with insulation levels fit for cold days. Most ski glove companies offer options with different levels of insulation (ie, lightweight, moderate, heavy, expedition-weight). This is done for several reasons, but predominantly for the purpose of driving the customer to their higher priced models. Their warmest gloves are their most expensive and in the highest demand. We do not follow this strategy. We feel winter gloves are meant for the cold, so we use the level of insulation that most competitors only put in their highest priced offerings. But to ensure that our gloves are not only warm, but temperature versatile, we use all breathable materials. 

Comparing our general designs:

MITTENS - Mittens are almost always going to be warmer, so our mittens are warmer than our 3-finger and 5-finger gloves. If you have a cold-hands-problem you need to wear mittens. Among our mittens, our current collection will be warmer than Past Season Models. All new models use our Polar liner of 300+ grams insulation.

3-FINGER GLOVES - Our RX3 is a hybrid mitten / glove with "3-fingers." Also called a "Lobster" Glove, these keep most of your fingers together, which make them warmer, most of time. But be aware, some people with circulation issues have major problems when the index finger is separated from the others. It may cause a one-frozen-finger dynamic, even worse than 5-finger gloves, which may foster better circulation. It does precisely this to me, your humble designer. It is all individual, but generally 3-finger gloves are warmer than 5-finger for most people.

5-FINGER GLOVES - When it comes to our 5-finger gloves I must re-state that our gloves are designed and insulated to be the warmest gloves on the market (with the exception of the BC Spring Glove), so they are all very warm.

With Free the Powder, it's pretty hard to go wrong when looking for a "warmest" glove option.

(But if you need me to give you one simple answer: RX Pro Mitten)

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