Freeride Sable


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Between sizes?

  • If you have longer fingers go with the larger size.
  • If you have short or normal fingers go with the smaller size.
  • If you like a roomier glove that will pack out less and be a bit warmer (more space for your hand to breathe), go with the larger size.
  • If you like a glove that will break in more for optimum dexterity go with the smaller size.
  • Most customers generally prefer the larger size.


Women's-specific sizes?

Women have lower mean hand temperature than men. So we employ a unique sizing strategy for women - we don't make narrower, more constrictive women's-specific models (like most ski glove companies) but offer unisex sizing on all models that are a bit roomier. That slight extra width space is essential for maximum warmth for women. (This is how we've developed such a strong warmth reputation with women.)


A note about Free the Powder Gloves

Free the Powder gloves are made from soft cowhide leather and flexible, stretch softshell so they will break in more than most ski gloves. The leather is very grippy, so dexterity will not be adversely impacted by gloves that are a bit roomy. Our founder and head designer's original vision was a glove that could be warmer (and roomier) and still allow him to manipulate backcountry gear.

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Size: Medium

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The Freeride Sable is the classic leather ski glove with a unique combination of great warmth and dexterity. Discover the secret of soft leather and all-breathable materials.

Freeride Sable Glove Details:

  • Premium Leather – we use supple soft cowhide leather for optimum grip and dexterity.
  • Protection Patch – double reinforcement for the high wear areas of the palm.
  • Impact protection – foam padding on the knuckles.
  • Fixed Liner
  • Breathefil™ - our special formula insulation that maximizes breathability and minimizes hand sweating – the prime cause of cold hands.
  • Wrist glove leashes
  • Free shipping

This is a discontinued model. Get 'em while you can.