Day 40- January 2, 2015

January 02, 2015

Another tired day after so much hiking and skiing. But the sun was out, wind was light and the snow was still pretty good so I headed up in the afternoon for a couple of laps in the Canyons backcountry. Snow was decent, but it's quickly turning to re-crystalized surface hoar which makes that distinctive swooshing sound (loud snow). Skied upper Big Mac, then traversed into the Craggy Bungus trees. Then off to Square Top...

I had a rather new and clueless person ask me, "Do you have backcountry gear?" It was a rather pointed question with attitude. I just laughed, because when I go skiing I look like the poster child /definition of backcountry skier with gear. Under "backcountry skier" in the dictionary there is a picture of what I look like on an average day. Old-school beanie hat, I-shred sunglasses, shell jacket with half my gear stuffed in my jacket so I look like I'm 9-months pregnant, stuffed backpack, alpine touring boots, alpine touring bindings, alpine touring skis, extenda-poles, and a fairly hippy attitude. If it's not totally obvious to you that I have gear, then you are totally out of your element in the backcountry and you'd probably better head back to the security of the resort...


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