January 04, 2015

Day 41- January 3, 2015

It was a rather mysterious day of wind and clouds and mystery powder coming in sideways on the Park City ridgeline. Not too many people out on the ridge on this last hurrah day of the Holiday ski season. (Thank goodness). The Holiday tourist season is always a real challenge to the locals in any ski town. We certainly don't mind regular ski town traffic (after all, we all chose to move to a tourist destination) , but all of our towns are just not built to hold and deal with the extra 20-40 percent that Christmas and New Years brings. Gridlock!

So I went up on the lonely ridge to perform my daily ski glove testing. Most days I wear different gloves or mittens on each hand. And sometimes even different sizes to test breathability, warmth and a whole bunch of other nuanced variables. I am partial to the long cuffs because they are just so practical and functional. Short cuffs go on and off super easy if they have a knit wrist, but alas, the knit wrist compromises many vital performance variables like warmth, dexterity, and grip (knit wrist does not grab the wrist and hold the palm in place), but the market sure does demand it.

I love the Velcro cuff for glove performance, but it does require break-in time to have a looser wrist. Next year perhaps we'll have both.

Back to the conditions: snow is still pretty good, but there are lots of old tracks and wind damage to the snow. I sense some inbounds appreciation days coming...

Ski glove testing January 3, 2014knit wrist versus velcro