January 10, 2015

Day 47 January 9, 2014

After a frustrating morning of trying to get the official vehicle of Free the Powder Gloves safety inspected, passed and registered (which was a gigantic headache because I had to spend 1.5 hours in the Home Depot parking lot with 6 razor blades pealing off the window tint that got it a FAIL) , I headed to Park City Mountain Resort. Parking was a fiasco, as it is always, so I headed to the Canyons, which has the easiest to use, most gi-normous parking lot ever. 

I did not expect much as this was the ski conditions report from the Utah Avalanche Center, "It's all-you-can eat crust skiing and riding out there, folks. Wind crust, rime crust, melt freeze crust - supportable, breakable, trap-door and rail-road."

I went all the way to the summit of 9990 Peak. It was very nice and calm. Food for the senses kind of stuff. I stood up there for a while, checking everything out (for the 4000th time), then dropped into the GNAR, north face, super steep Charlie Brown/Red Pine Chutes. I always forget how long and steep these lines are. They are great in the powder, but it's so far to the bottom, to go back up to 9990 (requires long traverse, multiple runs and two chairlift rides to get back up top). When it's really hard, conditions are slide-for-life. But on this day, it was surprisingly soft and carvy. And, it teaches you how to ski again. Steep, rocky, and hard is skiing...

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