January 12, 2015

Day 49 January 11, 2015

Today was a day of perhaps a transition in the weather. It's a bit warm and cloudy again with terrible flat light at the ski area. I went up to Park City Mountain Resort and re-discovered the crowds that do not exist at the Canyons (at least where I go to ski). The parking lot was a fiasco as it always is at PC. A place to park your car for skiing, what a novel idea. The managers of PC clearly assume everyone who skis there is staying in a walk up condo or taking the free town bus. So I parked in the lower lot, only to find the First Time lift with a size-able lift line. (That's the lift you take to get to the regular high speed lifts). So I bypassed that line and headed for the water-dripping wonder Three Kings. Got soaked riding up the short lift, before I finally got to the white-out conditions of mid-mountain.

Snow was two things, soft and hard, depending on whether it was groomed or not, shady or not. Even the UVs were getting through the gloom to the south and east facing slopes.

One guy on the lift, joked, "It doesn't get much worse than this." I stared at this newby of the mountains and said, "Yeah, it does." 

When I was a boy I sat on a lift on Mt. Bachelor, Oregon that was broken for an hour in 40 mph wind, with rain and sleet coming in sideways. I cried until I had no more tears. My Mom told me, "this is where they send bad boys in Hell." That made us all laugh...

Bring on the pow!

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