January 13, 2015

Day 50 January 12, 2015

Holy big surprises! A decent little 6-12 forecast turned into a raging 6 hour snow machines dumping between 15-25 inches in 6-8 hours across a narrow area in the Central Wasatch here in Utah. After planning to get out for the swing shift, after noon, I finally got my Blue Ox truck running around 12 pm and out the door I went. The interstate I-80 was a total mess, with chains and 4x4 required. I got to the parking lot around 12:45 and it already had a foot of new snow.

I grabbed all my gear, as if it was going to be a backcountry hiking day, but soon found I needed only the chairlifts to get the nice deep powder. Skied inbounds until 3:30 then headed into the backcountry for a couple of DEEP runs, one on Loft and the second on lower Corn Bowl. Trail breaking was tough and sloughs were moving fast and scary on steeper terrain so Micah and I headed down (near darkness) and barely got on the gondola for the download. Super wet, but really nice day. Tomorrow should be premium!