Alta Utah Snowfall History from 1945-2016

December 14, 2014

This is so interesting that I had to post it in the Free the Powder blogs. Here is the snowfall data and measurements, including moving 3-year averages for Alta, Utah.

Alta Utah Snowfall 1945-2016


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Marketing Truth and Ski Gloves

February 06, 2015

At Free the Powder Gloves we spend most of our time focused on our gloves and customer service. In fact, truth be told, that's all we do because we absolutely detest spending our time on promotion and especially "marketing."

My poor business partner and wife Shannon has to listen to my incessant ranting about my hatred of marketing, marketing, and marketing all day, every day. So why do I hate “marketing” ?

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Ski industry prices: the way it should be

December 13, 2014

Most companies in the ski industry have outsourced their manufacturing to Asia. That outsourcing has not led to a significant decrease in the price of ski gear. Why?

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The crazed genius of my short-cuff ski glove design

November 13, 2014

Powder Magazine's only negative comment about our gloves is about the "bulky" Velcro cuff. That makes me smile. I know something they don't...

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