January 15, 2018

Designer's Vision: X Models, our most versatile all-conditions ski gloves

For an everyday glove that is most comfortable in the widest range of conditions, I love a glove with a removable liner. But when designing ours, the removable liner had to work much better than the others I’d used before. It had to be warmer, and much more functional in terms of ease of taking it in and out of the shell in the worst of conditions. All the benefits, none of the liabilities. We figured it out with optimum balance-of-friction between the outer materials of the liner and the shell, and then stuffed it with insulation that breathes better and retains its warmth after packing out.

I’m a backcountry skier and former mountain worker, so I am really hard on gloves. I also require great dexterity in the cold, so I’m hyper-picky when it comes to palm construction. We use the best natural cowhide leather that is thicker, softer and grippier than you will find in any other ski glove. But I still wasn’t satisfied, so I added a reinforcement patch that covers all the high wear areas and stitch lines of the palm.