Ski Mittens - Model Details

Our Original Ski Mitten features:

  • Super tough, incredibly grippy, and very soft cowhide leather palms with Kevlar® and a leather reinforcement patch that protects all of the high wear areas of the palm. Most gloves are made of thinner goatskin, but not ours. We put thicker, tough cowhide leather on top of thicker tough leather.
  • Our premium leather is tanned and treated for maximum softness and grip, and waterproofed with our special mixture of natural fatliquors. We do not use silicone-based waterproofing like most other glove makers and after-market waterproofing products because they make the leather slippery smooth, degrading the grip of the leather.
  • HIGHLY water-resistant and breathable 4-way stretch softshell nylon. Our softshell material is a woven polyester fabric that is strong, highly durable, very quick drying, and most importantly, much more breathable than the hardshell nylon used in most ski gloves. The more breathable, the more versatile your gloves will be.
  • Lined with super-soft fleece and insulated with 200 grams Breathefil™, our proprietary blend of insulation. Breathefil™ is a special blend of synthetic fibers that maximizes breathability without losing warmth.
  • Back of the hand wrist strap to ensure the perfect fit.
  • Long-cuff gauntlet with cinch closure. Long cuffs are incredibly versatile because they allow for a perfect seal on stormy days and also allow you to open them up for ventilation on warmer days. The proper length also makes it great for sticking on your ski pole grip when it gets warm.
  • Soft nose-wipe material on the back of the thumb to wipe your nose and face.
  • Optional Wrist Leash (Glove Leash) available.

Free the Powder Gloves FAQs

Who is Free the Powder?

  • Free the Powder is a new ski glove company. We have a simple concept: make the best quality ski gloves, and charge half as much as anyone else through our direct to the public sales model. We have been featured by top ski magazines and become a popular subject on internet ski forums due to our revolutionary quality and customer service at such affordable prices.

What makes Free the Powder Gloves different?

  • Free the Powder uses all-stretchable materials that break-in - making them fit better, size easier and improve dexterity and toughness.
  • We use premium cowhide leather reinforced with Kevlar® under the palm that is thicker than the leather other ski glove makers use. Our leather is tanned and treated for maximum softness and grip, and waterproofed with a special mixture of fatliqours. Most other ski glove makers use thinner leather that is rigid, which does not break-in as much, decreasing dexterity, toughness and breathability.
  • We use highly water-resistant and ultra-breathable 4-way stretch softshell material on the rest of the glove. Our simple design optimizes breathability to give our gloves maximum versatility.
  • Our water-proofing strategy balances the competing problem of external environment moisture and internal sweat moisture. The biggest single reason for cold hands is trapped moisture inside the glove. Our gloves are the most breathable cold weather glove you will find.
  • We use more insulation than most ski glove makers, making our gloves warmer. We use 200 grams of our proprietary insulation called Breathefil™, a special blend that maximizes breathability without losing warmth.

Where did I hear about Free the Powder?

  • A lot of our sales have come from word-of-mouth so it probably came from someone you talked to on a chairlift. We have also been featured in Powder Magazine, Ski, Skiing, Freeskier, Backcountry Magazine, Off-Piste, and the internet forums TGR , Epicski, Reddit and many more blogs.

"Like a good boyfriend, these mittens are both tough and cuddly. Made with cowhide leather, Kevlar reinforcements, and softshell nylon, this highly water-resistant mitt is durable, but super soft, thanks to a fleece lining. The cuff is long enough to keep your hands dry and warm even when you’re slaying deep pow or practicing an avy rescue scenario. And the Park City, Utah-based brand set a revolutionary low price, which is amazing." - Skiing Magazine "The Gear Room" Online

"HIGH FIVE- This year's best gloves #3. Free the Powder, a new company based in Park City, Utah, aims to produce the toughest, most skier-friendly, and affordable leather glove on the market." -Powder Magazine Gear Buyer's Guide

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What is the story with the bold logo?

  • The Free the Powder "Thurman the Ermine" Logo defies all the conventions of a standard company logo with its detail and color. We are different. The animal is an Ermine, a cute, playful creature that frolics in the powder snow, but is actually one of the woodland’s most aggressive predators, just like a powder skier. No friends on a powder day.

How do I choose the right size without trying them on first?

  • Free the Powder Gloves have a fairly standard initial fit, but our gloves are made with all-stretchable materials so they break-in and conform to your hand like no other ski glove.


Free the Powder Gloves MittenFree the Powder Mittens

Free the Powder Ski Mitten side view

Free the Powder Mittens

Leather ski mitten palm

Free the Powder mitten palm

Ski Mitten from Free the Powder action