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Designer's Vision: Race AL Glove, the glove of my dreams

I’ve been a mountain worker, a ski bum and a backcountry skier for my entire adult life, and it all began as a youth ski racer in Oregon. I have great fondness and love for all the happy memories of those carefree days. So naturally I really love ski gloves that harken back to my youth.

What I am really nostalgic about is the functionality of a glove that has lots of structure, and protects your hands from everything the mountain can throw your way. What I am not so nostalgic about is the fact that the race gloves of my youth lacked warmth and toughness for their high price.

So I set out to make the glove of my youthful dreams: twice the padding, twice the insulation, a better sealing cuff, softer, tougher leather, and palm reinforcement for all the rigors of my adult backcountry ski life. And at a price that isn’t crazy like everyone else’s race/freeride gloves. This is the ultimate short cuff ski glove. This is my homage to the youthful joy of skiing.

Chase Stewart –Founder

Race All Leather Glove by Free the Powder

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