What size should I like?

A ski glove company (along with every other company that sells a product that comes in different sizes) receives lots of questions about sizing. We try our best to post helpful information and answers to Sizing FAQs.

But you know, truth be told, highly detailed and thorough sizing advice just adds to the uncertainty / confusion for those who are particular about buying sizing products. It's just not helpful most of the time. 

The best you can do as a ski glove company is make your products true to size (generally average compared to most other companies) and advise for customers to buy the size they normally wear. Putting sizing charts with tape measurements and diagrams is generally not helpful due to the margin of error between how the customer measures themselves and how the company measures.

And none of the advice that we give can account for how YOU like apparel to fit on YOUR person. Some people like roomy, big gloves, some people like a snug, form fit, and some people size themselves in all kinds of crazy ways. (See the kids with the giant baggy pants, hanging down below their waists). 

What really perplexes me more than anything is how often we get emails from customers and online shoppers (who are complete strangers to us) who ask us for advice on what they would prefer. They want us to tell them what they like.

Only you can decide what you like.

The best advice that we give customers is to order two pair, keep the one that YOU FEEL fits the best and return the pair that doesn't. And don't sweat ski glove sizing because it's just not that big a deal. I usually wear a size large in our gloves, but I am perfectly happy wearing a medium or XL, most of the time. I like the fit of each size in different ways. Just know, new gloves that are snug will break in more for a more form fit, while new gloves that are roomy will break in less and probably be a bit warmer from the extra space for your hands to breathe.

Either way, it's all up to you. But we're helping to make the decision easier by using soft, supple materials that are all-stretchable -that break in a lot. It's hard to go wrong with us.

Head Designer Free the Powder


More information: See our Sizing FAQs