Women's Ski Mittens

Free the Powder makes the best ski mittens for women!

women's ski mittens

Our mittens are really warm. Free the Powder uses 200 grams of dense insulation in our regular models and 300+ grams in our Polar Mittens. The insulation that we use is unique: it is designed and tested to breathe exceptionally well, so you don't fall prey to the worst cause of cold hands, clammy/sweaty hands. I should also mention that our company was founded by a person whose primary goal was to solve his lifetime problem of cold hands from poor circulation. Learn more about our insulation strategies

Our mittens are fashionable. And women love our logo. Check out our new women's mitten designs: 

  Baldy Women's Mitten

women's rx mittens by free the powder

Women's Polar Mitten

SX Mitten for women

Check out our women's ski mittens