Women's Ski Mittens


What makes a mitten great for women?

1) Mittens that are really warm. A 1998 University of Utah study found that women tend to have slightly higher core temperatures than men (97.8 degrees F vs. 97.4), but their hands are colder. Researchers said women’s mean hand temperature was 87.2 degrees, compared with 90.0 degrees for the men. Your wife, girlfriend, sister, daughter and mother weren't just complaining for nothing!

Ski gloves for women are generally not made with more insulation, so lots of women go with mittens, which are warmer.

Free the Powder Gloves uses 200 grams of dense insulation. But our insulation is designed and tested to breathe exceptionally well, so you don't fall prey to the worst cause of cold hands, clammy/sweaty hands. As the head designer and tester of Free the Powder Gloves I understand the cold hand problems of women because I have always had circulatory issues with my extremities, hence always cold hands.

women's ski mittensfree the powder mittens for women

2) It's fashionable. (This is Shannon now, Assistant Head Designer writing). Our mittens are made Unisex, including our sizing, but one of our primary design strategies was to make a very sleek mitten with, clean, straight lines and very soft leather. They are fashion for the mountain. 

 women's ski mitten fashion

3) Women seem to really love our logo. We created many prototype logo patches and artwork in a wide range of colors and designs, and this is the one that scored off the chart with women. (But know, our mascot animal is an Ermine, which is soft and very cute, but is a highly evolved vicious carnivore). Like a lioness...or a powder skier.


 4) One that has a great price. More cash left, means more shopping for other things...


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