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The best way to reach us the FASTEST is to send us an email at . 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) I'm in Utah, can I stop by and try gloves on, exchange sizes, pick-up locally?

Sorry, but no. We are a mail order company. No exceptions. We're not licensed for retail sale at this time, so we can't accommodate retail-type activities like customers on-site, pick-up, exchange, delivery, etc. Our shipping and exchanges are free with same-day turnaround. This is how we can offer such deep discounts. 

2) What is the difference between the RX/SX and regular gloves?

The X models continue our evolution toward a better, tougher glove. The X models correct and improve every aspect of our first generation gloves that we learned could be an issue. The X models have upgraded, thicker leather, removable liners, microfiber thumbs to wipe your nose, glove leashes, and numerous reinforcements throughout the glove. Improved overall construction in all areas of the glove with better performance. 

3) How does sizing of X Models compare to the original models?

The X Models and newer models run slightly bigger and they have wider wrists for a less tight fit and easier on-off.

4) What is the difference between Factory Seconds and regular stock gloves?

Factory Second gloves may possess slight blemishes and imperfections. They are a clearance item sold in limited sizes and quantities. All clearance sales final. 

5) I have trouble finding the right size in gloves and am finicky about sizing, so what is your advice?

Knowing this fundamental problem and being a mail order company, we construct our gloves with all-stretchable materials, so proper sizing is usually just a matter of allowing some time for them to break in. Our gloves break in a lot.

6) I need to exchange sizes or return the gloves I purchased. How do I do that?

Please see our returns & exchanges page.

7) How are Free the Powder Gloves different from other premium brand ski gloves?

Please see our What makes Free the Powder different page 

8) When should I apply FTP Leather Treatment, right away on new gloves?

Our leather treatment is not necessary for new gloves, but it will enhance the waterproofing, softening and grip of the leather. Leather treatment should be used occasionally when the leather is noticeably dry, 2-3 times per season.

9) How do your gloves fit? Advice?

Please see our size chart and sizing FAQs.

10) How much is shipping?

Please see our shipping rates and information page.

11) Do you ship internationally?

Yes. Please see our international sales information page


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