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For your convenience we have compiled this comprehensive FAQs page. Or email customer service at .


Shipping & Returns

When will my order ship?

Your order will be shipped within 24 hours (Monday-Friday) via USPS 2-5 Day First Class Mail or UPS Ground (larger orders) unless your order contains Pre-Order Items. Once shipped, the order will arrive in 2-5 business days, depending on your location and shipping option. You will receive a tracking number sent from our Shipstation upon shipment. If you have a hard departure date for an upcoming ski trip we recommend choosing the Priority Option or UPS option at checkout. Weather and other unforeseen logistical delays are possible with USPS and all courier services. Please see our Shipping information page

How long will it take to receive my gloves?

Your order will arrive in 1-5 business days, depending on your location and shipping option. Please see our Shipping information page

What is your return policy?

You may return or exchange unused items within 30 days of purchase. We accept items that are in their original unused new condition. 

Need a different size?

If you need a different size or model please return your item(s) for a refund and place a new order. We process refunds promptly upon receipt of your return and placing a new order now ensures that you'll get your new item quickly, and that it won't go out of stock, as is common this time of year. Spring/Summer inventory is very low. Please see our Returns information page

How do I return the gloves I purchased for a refund?

To make returns easier, we offer a flat-rate USPS shipping label for $6.95. New, unused ski gloves must be returned in the condition you received them, including manufacturer tags where applicable. Contact us and we will email you a pre-paid USPS return label that you will print. The flat-rate shipping label will be deducted from your refund. Once we receive the gloves, we will process your refund within 7 business days. Please see our Returns information page

Can I return an item that has been worn?

No. We accept new, unused ski gloves in the condition you received them. 

Can I exchange/return in-person?

Sorry, but no. We are a mail order company. This is how we can offer such deep discounts. Our local shipping and exchanges are free.

How much do you charge for shipping?

Ski gloves ship for FREE to domestic US locations. Please see our Shipping information page

Going on a ski trip. Will I get my order in time?

If you have a hard departure date for an upcoming ski trip we recommend choosing the Priority Shipping Option at checkout. Weather and other unforeseen logistical delays are possible with USPS and all courier services.

I don't get mail at my address. What do I do?

Option 1: Choose the UPS option at checkout.

Option 2: Find the address of your local US Postal Service facility and use their address with the deliver to name: GENERAL DELIVERY [Your Name]

For example:



[Street address of local post office]

[City], [State], [Zip Code]

The package can then be picked up at the counter of that Post Office facility.

Can you ship to a hotel or rental property?

Yes. Please upgrade your shipping to our UPS option at checkout. Sending packages by mail to hotels and property management companies is unreliable.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. We ship to Canada and the UK. If you are located in another country, we recommend you use a Parcel Forwarding Service. Sign up for a free membership, which gives you a US address (we ship your order for free to that address). From there, you can ship to your location at discounted rates provided by the Parcel Forwarding Services. Please see our International Sales information page

Where do I find the tracking number for my order?

It was sent to the email address you provided at checkout and was sent by our Shipstation. Check your spam email folder.

The tracking on my package says that it was delivered, but I did not receive it?

Please wait for 36-48 hours before contacting us. The item may have been prematurely marked as delivered. This is not uncommon.

Delivery or address errors?

Please see our page on Shipping & Delivery Issues


Sizing & Fit

What size should I get?

See our Size Chart and Sizing FAQS information page for best advice.

Between sizes?

  • If you have longer fingers go with the larger size.
  • If you have short or normal fingers go with the smaller size.
  • If you like a bit roomier glove that will pack out less and be a bit warmer (more space for hand to breathe), go with the larger size.
  • If you like a glove that will break in more for optimum dexterity go with the smaller size.
  • Most customers prefer the larger size.

Not sure about finger length?

If you are particular about finger length, the only way to make a determination is to order two sizes and return one after trying them on side-by-side. Sending measurements has not proven to be helpful in the past due to the subjective nature of measuring glove finger length and the individual's perspective.

Not sure about the size of the gloves I received?

Glove sizing is very personal to the individual. Some people like gloves that are roomy and big and others like gloves that are snug when new and not yet broken in. Only you can make sizing determination once you receive the gloves. We offer our Size Guide and Sizing FAQs for your assistance pre-purchase.

Do you make kids sizes or Extra Small gloves?

Sorry, but no. We are targeting our youth model collection release for next season.


Brand Information

Who is Free the Powder?

We are a ski glove maker that sells our premium quality gloves direct, exclusively on this website. We were founded in Park City, Utah in 2013 with the goal of making warmer, drier, tougher, affordable gloves for backcountry skiers and Ski Patrol. Learn all about us

What makes Free the Powder Gloves different?

We make warmer, tougher, more dexterous ski gloves and charge lower prices through our direct-to-consumer model. Please see our What makes us different information page

How do you charge such low prices?

We sell direct-to-consumer, removing the middle-men. Learn more about our business model


Where to buy

Where can I buy your gloves?

Right here! We are an exclusive mail order company. We make 'em and we sell 'em. This allows us to offer our premium ski gloves at such great prices.

I'm in Utah, can I stop by and try gloves on, exchange sizes, pick-up locally?

Sorry, but no. We are a mail order company. This is how we can offer such deep discounts.


Warmth and help deciding on which model to choose

What are your warmest gloves?

That can be a difficult, subjective question to answer, depending on an individual's personal characteristics. Everyone's metabolism, blood circulation and tolerances to various conditions are different. Please see our head designer's post on this subject

Do you have a buyer's guide for ski gloves?

Yes. We have written extensively and posted an enormous amount of content on this website regarding ski glove design. Please see our Ski Glove Buyer's Guide

Which model of glove or mitten is right for me?

We have created a guide to assist you in choosing the best glove / mitten option. Please see Which of our gloves is right for you?



Do your ski gloves come with a warranty?

Yes. For the original buyer from we guarantee our ski gloves to be free of manufacturing defects for 1-Year after purchase. Manufacturing defects pertain to structural deficiencies in the gloves. It does not include wear and tear or damage from use. Please see our Warranty information page


Professional Discounts

Do you offer discounts for resort employees?

Yes. At Free the Powder we consider ourselves the unofficial glove of ski resort employees, Ski Patrol, and ski instructors. We were founded to make a better priced ski glove for Ski Patrol. But we have even better deals for resort employees: Send us an email with a photo of your employee pass and we will send you our Pro Form information. (hint-hint, we're less than half the price of other top brands). Please see our Resort Employee Discount information page


Glove Care

When should I apply Free the Powder Leather Treatment?

Leather treatment should be used regularly when the leather is exposed to wet/dry cycles or it will become noticeably dry (usually 2-3 times per winter). If you would like to enhance the grip and water-resistance of the leather you should treat new gloves as soon as you receive them.

How should I dry my gloves?

Air dry your gloves or mittens at room temperature after every use. DO NOT USE HEAT. No clothes dryers, no heaters, no open flames, no radiators. Learn more at our Drying Ski Gloves information page

How should I clean my gloves?

Please see our Washing & Cleaning page

How should I care for the premium leather on my gloves?

Please see our Leather Care information page



Why don't you have a customer service phone number?

The costs associated with setting up and servicing a call center would force us to significantly increase our prices.

What is the difference between RX and RX Pro?

There are several differences. Please see our page on the subject

I Pre-Ordered my gloves. When will I get them?

Please see our Pre-Order information page

Do you sell Gift Cards?

Yes. Please visit our Gift Card page

What is a Factory Second?

Factory Second gloves may possess slight blemishes and imperfections. The cosmetic imperfections do not affect the performance, fit or durability of the gloves. They are sold without a warranty. They come in limited sizes and quantities, and usually sell out fast. No returns or exchanges. All sales final.

What is the animal on the logo patch?

An ermine. Learn all about this magical woodland creature

Where are your gloves made?

We have family friends in Pakistan that own a leather products company. It is in a region that supplies much of the World's best quality leather.

Do you have a sustainability policy?

We are confident that no prominent ski glove company has a smaller carbon footprint than Free the Powder. Learn more